Artistic Joy

I want to go to that Heavenly land where poetry is borne on lilac perfume.

And heart-felt prose flow in mighty rivers of sparkling-clean, ideal dreams.

That golden refuge that houses my muse whom I love, cherish, and adore!

Ah, splendid solitude! Lost in sacred act of weaving ideas on creative loom;

Retrieving Truth from Tragedy; Re-telling as something beautiful on reams

Of hand-crafted paper; An astounding story as it’s never been told before!

With masterful illustrations, in vivid color within flowing lines that bloom,

And blossom, as new ideas in the minds of all viewing my artistic schemes;

Crowning joy; Purpose complete! Artists abide and breathe in imaging lore!

8 thoughts on “Artistic Joy

      1. My pleasure. Sometimes, we have to surrender to hold on. It’s a hard one for me…trust. But of late, it seems to be the root of everything. I read some of your poems last week but couldn’t leave a comment. I wish I could take your hurt away. I can’t wait till the day when there is no more hurt. Love you.

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