Warming Joy on a Cold December Day

Ice-laden wind howls on this colorless December day;

Thickening clouds, chasing warmth and light far away;

Clouds weighted with dread; dense, dark, lifeless gray;

This old woman’s dreams drift backward to yesterday,

When winter didn’t make her old bones ache ‘till May;

Snow-storms once a welcomed challenge, time to play!

In sparkling drifts; all bare branches, an icy lace display!

Silent, long walks without a thought of this elderly day…

As winter turns contentious now; threat to keep at bay!

I maintain joy despite winter contention, I kneel to pray.

I’m trusting my God to keep me warm, this blustery day.

There’s no threat over which my God doesn’t hold sway!

Though I’m old now, in Jesus, I still dream of a future day.

Of my transformation, my glorified youth forever to stay!

More than a dream, it’s an eternal promise, it won’t fray!

Warm hope is joy for old woman on a cold December day!






14 thoughts on “Warming Joy on a Cold December Day

    1. Chronologically, I’m not that much older than you but I’m old for my age. I don’t know how to categorize myself. A lot of my peers call themselves ‘middle’ aged but I’m thinking they feel good and figure they’ll live to be 100+! lol!

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  1. This is how I feel sometimes on a dreary entry day – especially since I’m in the winter season of my life. How good to know that God has me covered with the warmth of his love. Thanks for your beautiful words.

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    1. You’re welcome. Winter came early in my life but it could be a very long winter.:0) None of us come with an expiration date stamped on our foot and God can change our life in an instant. I have an autoimmune blood disease that makes winter very trying for me so, it helps me to write it out. I start with how I feel and then rise above. I have a great deal to be thankful for and God is very good to me.:0) God bless and keep you, Kathy.


      1. I know my time here isn’t in my hands. I’ve Ben bows see with pretty god health for someone my age. I attribute that to working with kids. They keep me young at heart. I’m sure you must get concerned with every germ that comes your way, but your head is in the right place. Keep writing. It’s great therapy.

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      1. Well…I hope I spelled it right…I speak Pigeon Spanish, like I grew up with around Santa Fe in the sixties. I’m afraid it’s my native language, I think that way…so, “Oh, si esa… may your day be mui bueno! 😉

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