Oh Father, I tremble in the awareness

Of Your Presence! I know you hold me

In Jesus; all things held in togetherness,

Through whom all things created to be!

Forgive me! I lose sight in forgetfulness,

Of Your Presence, continually around me!

Faith submerge in world’s doubtfulness,

Stumbling, I forget that in You I am free!

Pain of sin leads me into regret-fullness;

I do hurt You, Jesus! Please, forgive me!

I come before You, kneeling humbleness;

Overcome by Presence surrounding me!

Your cleansing, I receive in gratefulness!

From Second Death, You keep me free!

Make me ever mindful of my neediness,

My dependence upon Jesus living in me;

I in Him and He in God; Completedness!

Held in God’s Presence surrounding me!





14 thoughts on “Complete

  1. Pam, I see that you “liked” my “Gifts not Taken.” Thank you. I love this poem. It is so true that time in the presence of our Lord is so fulfilling and brings about such completed-ness. I’ll see you more.

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