A Time to Cry

Tears, bursting in a gush of misery! Streams over stinging red cheeks…

Tamp grief down? Later pay usury! I ignored the sounds heart speaks!


Finality has come! So long waiting! I didn’t cry! Tried contemplating,

Cover agony, by denial shimmery; Play pretend; Ignoring truth leaks!

Endurance breaks? Forget chivalry! Love is rearranged in time tweaks;

Hope against hope in time grating; Hearts crushed in longing; waiting…

Out in the cold, loneliness shivery! At last accept an ugly truth; Reeks!


Tear drops release in light silvery; washing dark pain away, as joy seeks

Happy days so long in the awaiting; Mourning allows sorrow’s abating…

11 thoughts on “A Time to Cry

  1. Pam, this is the 2nd time we are in sync. I just reposted an old article of which it can be said, runs concurrent with this poem. It might be hard to see the connection for some. I say this because; this poem has something of self discovery in it. Thanks for sharing the honest thoughts and experience provided in this poem. Sincerely;MAO

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    1. Thank you, Miguel.a None of experience anything that hasn’t also, been experienced by someone else. In that we have been given the power to validate one another in suffering. I think the mourning process is one of discovery. I’ll be sure to read your post. God bless.

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      1. Thank you Pam, and I know, that with your relationship with God, you are not left to experience sadness alone. You are in good hands. Combining your faith to His Good Will.

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    1. We can hold one another up in prayer, as we pass through the Red Sea. Jesus waits for each of us on the other side, holding the new beginning He has in store for us. God bless you, Patrick. May He grant safe passage to the one you love.

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