Sunshine on a Winter Day

I am so grateful that the sun still shines in winter.

Thankful for these warming rays brightly streaming,

Through my window, mercifully sent by my dear Father!

Warmth to comfort my body, lift my spirit; to liven my soul;

Lifting all thoughts to joy, allowing them to float on the waters,

Of sickness and sorrow; thereby abating my sadness and suffering;

Snugly wrapping me in loving security; and embrace me in His presence;

It is brutal! Outside it’s cold! A threat to my existence but here in my window

I sit, enjoying the heat of summer; kept safe from vile enemies that long to take

Me down to smother me in agony; in hopes of crushing my spirit, destroying my body!

But my soul, my enemy can’t touch, it belongs to the One who limits my enemy’s strength;

Daddy! He cherishes, protects His child; Surrounding me with bright sunshine on a winter day!

15 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Winter Day

  1. Thank you for this poem distilled from your experience of daily sufferings and true knowledge of the Lord’s lovingkindness!
    Pam, I’m researching the topic we talked about and done as you asked with comments. God bless you in the high desert!

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  2. Pam, Indeed your poem speaks directly to me. I know I need that Sunshine and Daddy God came through today. On the other days, He simply embraces harder with His Love and Knowledge and even brings more depth to my writing. It’s in the 20s in Illinois. Yikes but the Sun is out :O)), Blessings and hugs, Emma

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