Road Trip

Happiness is found on the road, moving in sync with time; chasing the horizon and then leaving it behind, in pursuit of the next visible goal. It is the purest expression of life, constant motion and never knowing what will happen next. All preparations for the final destination, in road maps, travel times, weather forecasts, the well-thought out plans, are swept away by the uncertainty of the road. When anything can happen, there is no alternative but to move forward by faith; and enjoy the experience of chasing the future while resting in the now. Although this is the factual truth of everyday life, nothing makes life’s reality as tangible as a road-trip.

Marriage is a road-trip. For many, it’s a short, rough journey, with an abrupt end. Others are blessed by companionship that transcends all road conditions and journey together for a lifetime. I have been blessed with such a husband and there is nothing I enjoy more than a long drive together in contemplation of all we’ve survived, accomplished, and overcome, as we continue to move toward the future. We are a miracle and each of knows that if it were not for that Third Cord, which binds us together, we would have unraveled years ago. Our interests are varied and made most evident as we travel; while he listens to Rush Limblah-blah-blah and I think about colors. I lose myself in the landscape, as I compare the natural revelation to the scripture stored in my heart. I wrestle with ideas as he reviews football stats. I think about redecorating (again) and he thinks about paying the bills. He has not a glimmer as to why poetry is important and can’t tell the difference between Picasso and Monet. A mind set on the practical can’t quite comprehend the deep meaning expressed in art and he’s too busy completing tasks to invest the time to learn. I am the thinker who dreams and he is the doer that accomplishes them. Our faith in God and the love we have for each other joins our opposing personalities in a strengthened twine that makes us a successful team.

Though I am amazed that Rush has been blah-blah-blahing for at least, twenty years now, he can only be heard for three hours each day. When the Hillary expose’ is over, I pop in the Who, then switch over to Johnny Cash and throw in the Beach Boys to keep him happy as we sing along about the cars he loves. ( I sing these Beach Boys tunes of my husband’s youth with joy, knowing that I am the New Mexico girl, the desert fox, who made all his dreams of California girls vanish, without a trace.) The road ahead of us is long; still hours and hours to go but we are lost in celebration of our lives and the remembering of everything we’ve built and done together. We talk about the kids; laugh over sweet memories of when they were little and then fawn over the grandchildren, wondering why we didn’t have them first. We shed a few tears over the failures, disappointments, and calamities that left painful scars. I switch from Johnny to Belinda Gail and singing along, we give praise to the One who blesses us and keeps us through the good times and the bad. We rejoice in the Love sent on the wings of a dove. I am so thankful for my husband, one so the opposite of me, who is able to complete my dreams. I’m thankful I am married to the man God chose for me and not to some of the ones I wanted to choose for myself.

The road stretches on before us, with all of its uncertainty. Neither of us knows what lies ahead, or how the road conditions might change but my prayer is that we continue traveling together and ride into eternity, hand-in-hand.


23 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. This is such an enriching post. I smiled, laughed and imagined the scenery’s that your words painted as he listened to Rush Limb blah blah and you painted in the skylines. Thank God for the Three Fold Cord. It is always the unseen Third party that holds such unions together.

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    1. Always. Everything depends upon God. I am very good at messing things up and because I belong to Jesus, God is very good to mercifully, clean up my messes. God bless you, Jacqueline and I hope all is well in your world.

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      1. We puttered around the Gulf once, during shrimping season. It was beautiful and we ate shrimp in every way that it is possible to prepare it. My husband went to Canada back when God put him on a motorcycle and sent him out here to me.:0)

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  2. You story of life made me smile, once was enough for me. maybe if I prayed to give it another go. Maybe another road trip and I might me someone.. 35 years was enough, I thought nah cannot do it again,. I met a couple of blokes as we call them down here and there is one thing they wish do when they meet you. Get my legs fixed and it is a new life for me not looking back except to God. I said to my kids yesterday, the day I walk into the hospital on the 6th January is the first day of a new life.

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    1. I can’t wait for that new life to begin for you. At my age, I haven’t much interest for new romance. I could never replace what I have with Pete. I’m just hoping for more down time to be together.:0) Keep getting strong, the 6th isn’t far in the future!


      1. 14 days tomorrow, I went to the pools this morning for exercise. I fell asleep when I got back. I have not been online now for a couple of days, too tired and no energy. I do wish you and your partner Pete all the best for Christmas and new year


      2. I wish the same for you. I know hope lifted some of the weight of you struggle but you still have struggle ahead. I won’t stop praying. Please, pray for me as I continue to struggle with my health. I have hope that the new year will be less painful for both of us. God bless and keep you.


      3. Oh! so do I I wont stop praying for us all as the clock winds down on another year. I realise there will be a long recovering, my mindset has changed since getting the call. I just don’t wish to do anything to jharm my recovery. My prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family

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  3. Pam!
    You have given a frank account of your married life.
    That’s how it is.
    Hoping for the best always to come.
    Thinking not always that this is the worst.
    Its always the best.
    This is marriage.
    May Jesus shower on you both the best of hand in hand this Christmas.
    Happy and Merry Christmas to YOU both and ALL.


    1. Thank you, Shiva and may God bless you and your family. I pray your new year will be filled with peace and joy.:0) In a three-ply chord the best and the worst are wound in eternal life, a strong rope to hold onto when walking through life. A sound marriage requires that divine strength and guidance. It’s not for sissies! But the rewards are worth untold treasure! Thanks for stopping in, Shiva!:0)

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