La Vida Gusta!

Fruit of joy dependably feeds the faithful,

In hungry times, of gloomy sorrow;

Joy ripens yellow, fully satiates, is mirthful,

When a happy day rises on the ‘morrow!

Ebony drift away! Smoke memory; wistful;

Today is Today! I won’t from past borrow

Memory’s mood; Trouble ever wakeful…

Banished by bliss! Saved for a tomorrow;

A sunshine celebration! A grand fiesta!

Laughter melts, smoothes anx’s furrow,

Worries taking a long-deserved siesta!

Merriment ring in rowdy song of cheero!

Toasts all raise in honor of la vida gusta!

Dance away starry night in twirling gyro!

Spin! Sleep… a restfully dreaming artista…

May happy day return, rejoice tomorrow!





8 thoughts on “La Vida Gusta!

  1. I won’t from past borrow. Love that. I am the exact same way. Also, applaud you for the creativity in the twirling gryo. Good work. This was really a delight to read. Man this was fun. Let me ask you, you sprinkled quite a bit of Spanish in there. Are you from a part of the country where it is often spoken?


    1. Thank you for the sweet compliments. I grew up on a ranch south of Santa Fe. I and the children I grew up with all spoke a kind of pigeon Spanish. All the small villages at that time had their own dialect so, we ended up with our own blended language. I wish I spoke fluently. Most of the Spanish speaking people here now are from Mexico and their Spanish is different from what I grew up with. I think what I knew has a child has pretty much died out. In my heart, I still think pigeon…

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