I Was Blind, Now I See

I wandered into a conundrum…

A Rubix of the mind…

Turn, twist, twist, turn, hmmm…

Solution? In a bind…

Ideas in a knot; confusion drum…

Frustrations do grind!

No way out it seems, feel so glum…

An answer I must find!

Ah! I hear it! Faithful beating drum…

Surrender, trust is blind?

Safe in Hand knowing what’s to come…

Father’s divine design!

Relax as gloom fades; sides are plumb!

10 thoughts on “I Was Blind, Now I See

      1. We are both trusting in God, I am determined to stay within God’s word and trust deeply with God. I can sing my praises for God, but we need to be happy as well. Would you like to do a guest post for me during the time I am in hospital

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      2. Thank you will send you an invitation with an idea on it. We are both trusting in God in our Journey I am sure that would be an idea combined with God’s grace

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    1. Thank you, Jim. The past I write about isn’t the weight in my life that it once was. I write about it for others. The things I’m dealing with now are present but I know trusting God is the key and I very much appreciate you prayers. God bless you.

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      1. Nothing to forgive…you are very good at it. I just don’t want you worrying about me and my past when God has settled much of it. I’m going through a lot of changes right now and also, having to let go of some things that I held onto for too long. God keeps whispering to me to trust Him and let go. I need to obey. God bless you, Jim and please know you’re always a blessing to me.

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