Sonoran Whisper

Delight in the whisper of a warm Sonoran breeze!

Conveying its secret of an early spring;

Conical hills don green velvet despite lacking trees;

Song the bright Red Cardinal does sing,

Rejoicing in Saguaro’s flowered crown prophecies!

Barren land to bloom, colors amazing!

Yellows and reds and purples; every hue to please

The Snow Bird’s hungry eye by gazing

Vista! A spring paradise kissed by Sonoran breeze!


14 thoughts on “Sonoran Whisper

    1. It’s an extra beautiful place. This is an el Nino year so, I’m expecting things to really start popping around February. It’s magical really, and not the dusty sand dune type of desert at all. Of course, in summer it makes a very different impression! lol

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  1. Your country sounds so much like our outback in bloom, it is raining right across the deserts here now. Roads are flooded right across the outback and a great deal of people are stranded. Which is going to be great for the future and station owners who have been with out rain for decades, flooding and fires right across this country

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    1. Ah, a true country girl rejoicing over the floods that fill city folks with dread. They don’t know what it’s like to eat dust for months or deal with the fires. When I was little, the summer monsoons would come and we would celebrate by ‘swimming’ in the mud puddles. We would get very excited over the rain.:0)


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