New Wind Blowing

I am Arizona red cotton blowing in the wind…

Not knowing where I will land…

Or what I will become, or if I shall transcend;

If I’ll be lowly; or if I’ll be grand…

When the wind lies still and I shall descend,

Planted anew in this arid land…

Gentle rains come! On you I dost depend!

For life; to grow in gritty sand…

An exotic plant; to bloom and then to send…

Red cotton blowing over-land;

Desert’s life cycle, new wind’s job to bend…


Tomorrow, 2016 begins and a new wind will start to blow. None of us know where it will take us in the coming year. My hope and prayer for all is that you have a gentle flight and abundant growth, where ever God should take you. May your 2016 be a joyful, happy, fruitful year! Thank you for reading!


19 thoughts on “New Wind Blowing

  1. Our new journey though part dictated by numeration, seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months and years. Measures, to calibrate worth, growth. Yet, some truth to be found, IE where are we? The beauty of it is that there is one who encompasses more value than all we can attain, more real value. Of course, you know who….

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    1. That’s fine, Miguel. I get carried away when my own thoughts and feelings are sparked by the work of another, also. It’s a great compliment for me.:0) I am that red cotton (a Baja Duster) floating on a new wind right now. I have a lot of change happening in my life but I’m learning to have a deeper trust in the One who directs the wind.:0) God bless you, Miguel and have wonderful 2016!

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  2. I LOVE your tight rhyme-play with and/end.

    I might change “dost depend” to simply “do depend” unless you are aiming to be read as archaic. (?)
    Anyway this is the type of structure I am starved for in modern poetry.

    Your poem conjures up landscapes I have been through in SE Arizona.
    When will you do a poem on copper mining?

    Happy New Year my Hillbilly sister…

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    1. You know, I struggled with the dost, do-est, do part but dost is what I heard. I am archaic lol and so is the desert wind. It is also, an echo of my poet grandmother who raised me on her poetry, and also, had me reading things like Dante when I was about eight. :0) Maybe I could weave the copper mining in with Billy the Kid…Happy New Year, Andrew.:0)

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      1. Beautiful, Andrew. I love that old song and the pics are beautiful. I didn’t know though that those deep arroyo caverns were in AZ. I thought they were all in Utah. Do you know where those pictures are taken?


  3. I had dreams when I was a child of seeing your country, something every child does. I don’t know if my dream will ever come true. I have my dreams. One I must do when I am well is give my heart time to heal after my op along with my body. I desire to give back to God and treat myself. I will almost see you land traveling the outback on our famous Ghan train. I drove it in 2011 with my dogs. Now I am going to do it in style. Sent invitation through wordpress.

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