House of Horrors

Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:
Modern-day Dr. Joseph Mengele’s House of Horrors is seen in the video below. Folks, this is the reality of the idolatry of pro-choice. It is a worldview that is hostile to the teachings of God. Whether a baby is chemically or surgically murdered, murder is murder. Don’t be…

Cowboy Independent

The American West is where I belong! It is the land I’m made from; A wild land tamed by ancestors strong; I am as tough as they come! Rugged individual of the cowboy-song; Living hard, won’t succumb! To societal standards, avoid the throng; In the city I am a sore-thumb! Big skies over empty land, … More Cowboy Independent

Joy’s Inspiration

Sometimes…I don’t have anything important to say; But me? I like to play around with words anyway… And I’m wondering… Can I pull something from this still sea of tranquility? Without inspiration must I abandon my word ability? Yes, I’m pondering… On the meaning of what I do as I search for a reason… To … More Joy’s Inspiration

Three Sealed as One

My secret lover was Solitude, How I longed for you! Refuge from the multitude… Time to think it through… In your arms lay in gratitude; My! How time flew! Love greater than platitude, Without you I am blue; In silence of love interlude, As my affections grew, For you I developed aptitude, I decided to … More Three Sealed as One

Candied Dreams

A young girl dreams in pink cotton-candy; Of beauty, fortune, love, and fame; Dreams quickly melt; a sugar-rush dandy! Disillusioned; Candy dreams to blame…   Convictions are born in a cinnamon candy; Crusader’s passion a hot burning flame! A tea-totaling holy-roller eschews brandy; Focused mind- set; an evil world tame…   Reality, sweet-sour burst of … More Candied Dreams

Joy on a January Day

A cold gloomy January day; Allow mind to meander, In spring-time garden play! Warm scent of lavender… Escape! Hated winter gray! Strain by mind colander, Dissociation my get-a-way! Denying white reminder, Flee from my January Day!   Faith enabling me to stay; Endure winter doom! Spirit warms me as I pray, Lifts away gray gloom! … More Joy on a January Day