Hope Eternal

In the blush of a young child’s cheek,

And in the wrinkled smiling face

Of a kind old woman,

Hope is seen with no need to speak;

Good banishes evil, leaves no trace,

A journey to transcend;

Aged kind face, youth’s blushing cheek,

The Alpha and the Omega lace,

And form the eternal;

When child and grandmother, so meek,

Bonded in God, by His Grace,

Embrace and strengthen

Each; to overcome evil despite being weak.

18 thoughts on “Hope Eternal

  1. I love the picture. For some reason I can only see it in the Reader, not in your actual post.

    Today my husband and I had lunch with friends. They had their twin grandsons along. One of the boys showed me a picture on his Kindle table that looked amazingly like the picture you have with this post. He told me, “This is my great-grandmother.”

    I said, “That’s a wonderful picture. She looks like she loves you very much.”

    He said, “She does! She gives me lots and lots of sugar!” 🙂


      1. I wondered what kind of sugar he meant, too. I wanted to ask him, but he and his twin brother were competing for my attention, which made for a very fast paced conversation, lol.

        You’re right, having a great grandmother is special. I feel so blessed to be able to remember two of my great grandmothers and one great grandfather. I also was privileged to know a step great grandfather, who treated me like his own.

        I am a great grandmother myself. I have a two year old great grandson. The wallpaper on my cell phone is a picture of his sweet little face. I haven’t been able to meet him yet, they live so far away. I pray that this year it will happen.


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