Joy on a Neapolitan Mountain

Come, and let’s climb to the vanilla peak

Of a chocolate and strawberry mountain;

A scattering of clouds and dreams a-swirl

In a fiery sky, soaring Night Hawks speak!

Heralds night-fall, when sun is forgotten;

Moon-lit, twinkling starry worlds unfurl;

Mirror tempers light, illumination weak;

Ebony shadows blanketing the mountain;

Stage is set for lone coyote’s howl to curl!

A quintessential silhouette, painters seek

In creating southwestern lore’s fountain,

Of youth and mystery; paint brush whirl!

To capture the dawn’s first light to peek;

Redeem day from night, lift black curtain!

A Neapolitan world reborn; Desert pearl!

Opalescent dust sun-baths; light to tweak

In visual display, desert Eden is begotten!

Scattered dream clouds and a sun-lit twirl,

Sets fire to red clay alkaline vanilla peak;

Joy, a cherry atop a Neapolitan mountain!





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