Be Amazed by Grace!

Immersed in a day-dream, dawdling…

Enjoying sunshine on my face…

Treating myself to a summer coddling;

Took for granted wind’s pace…

Not noticing the changed force blowing,

Or the storm beginning to race,

In my direction; fierce tornado growing!

A conflict I’m doomed to face!

My predilection to hide; silent groaning…

My fear with cowardice I lace!

Tremble! Lord, do you hear my moaning?

“Have you forgotten my Grace?”

“Courage, by My Spirit to you I’m loaning”

“My faithfulness, do you trace?”

Memories of interventions of past proving

His provision by saving Grace;

In the conflict, trouble, persecution shoving,

I will look in His beautiful face!

Spirit surge gives strength by divine loving!

Courage find in our Holy space!

Jesus, by faith into You daily, I am growing!

In You all I need to run the race!

Keep me sober, mindful of seed I’m sowing,

Trusting You to keep the pace,

Giving me protection despite my dawdling;

In trials be amazed by Grace!

10 thoughts on “Be Amazed by Grace!

  1. I wandered to your site in curiosity
    Perhaps just to feel the embrace
    Maybe divine intervention
    Carried my “dawdling” to “Grace”…

    Loved this post and have very much enjoyed lingering in your words. Thank you so much for sharing them with us…

    Hope your evening is most beautiful..


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m glad to meet you. I took a peek at your words too and am very impressed. I look forward to reading more. Beauty is something I need like food and water so, thank you for such a sweet wish and may your evening be blessed with beauty, as well.


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