Art’s Obsession

Beauty, my obsession, elusive resplendent bird…

Why do tell… are you of such great importance to me?

The mere lightning-flash of your bright wing…

And I tremble! Leave me a gasp without a word…

By a mere blue glint, a flash! As you vanish in a tree!

Excitement overwhelms me… I feel I must sing!


If such beauty I capture? Will my song be heard?

I wonder? If I can capture beauty that must fly so free?

Present as mine; as Art; my fulfilled purpose bring?

Still compelled… I pursue you! Hoping by my word,

Paint, all media, to possess beauty; my work must be!


Beauty an essence, a seductive aroma beckoning…

Artists pursue meaning in an elusive, colorful bird;

From this passion for beauty, I shall never be set free!

Art is a driving desire to create a beautiful thing!

A Call to mirror what God created by Spoken Word…





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