Peace on Bended Knee

This hope I’m sending on the wings of faith,

Is more than my day-dream of goodwill and peace…

This is a promise; made so long ago for all willing to receive;

Riding the wings of a dove; open up to faith!

Be received; held securely, be filled, know peace…

Blindness doesn’t characterize those of faith!

Learn to dream truthfully, to pray, and with surety believe!

Spiritually unified, depend on the Author of peace!

Meditate on a Kingdom of pure conscience, in mind conceive…

Hope good or evil bears fruit, is born in faith.

Grim realities born from carnal hopes frustrate peace.

Blessed are the peacemakers, who in humility do believe,

In Jesus the Author, the Finisher of true faith!

Religion, politics, revolution, nor compromise holds peace;

No human authority can change humanity’s heart to conceive,

Ideas contrary to human nature, apart from faith;

Open heart’s eyes and realize your hope and mine for peace,

Coming! When all confessing Christ bend knee and believe!



19 thoughts on “Peace on Bended Knee

      1. Sorry, you’re still sick. Germs must like the warmth too. Ask your wife to smell them. No miracle rose should go unsmelt! That’s sacrilege! lol! I’m laughing but I’m not kidding…


      2. Actually you said a true thing, Pam. Germs do like the warmth. I never catch stuff when its freezing. It’s handling people’s remotes and stuff all day..full of germs. I should invest in germex LOL. I use it like crazy. I will tell smell the roses. Stop…and smell the roses..count your many blessings every dayyyyyyyyyyyy!


      3. I love Garlic! Did you know that if you rub garlic cloves on the soles of your feet, that your breath will smell like it? Love it though. It’s great baked slow in the oven. Makes it very mellow and tasty.

        Ha…we sure got off topic LOL

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  1. Dearest Sis in Christ; I love, love, love poetry! AND, I’m sadly no poet and that must be why the Holy Spirit has given me such a love for it; especially inspirational and those that make you THINK!! I’m not afraid of thinking, in fact I probably do it too much! LOL! But Sis, this is so right on and how you captured the essence of truth in it! Yes, it WAS inspired by the Holy Spirit, no doubt about it. If you don’t object, I’m going to reblog it on my Poetic Praise page.
    Also dear Sis, I added your link to my Blogs followed page (in the process of it) and I don’t just use that page to tell others about other inspirational bloggers, but I use it to follow along and I follow a lot. Some I come back to often, others I let the Spirit lead and surprise me but I ALWAYS come back and as you will see, I have a hard time NOT commenting! But another thing I use that list for, is to pray, to intercede on behalf of those ministries and whether you understand it that way or not, they ARE ministries for ministry is just a “religious” term for service or servant! I find that the best way I can extend love to my brothers and sisters is to pray for them consistently and even though I don’t always know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit DOES and my faith relies on His wisdom in that area. I pray out of love for God’s creation and especially those willing to trust in His direction in service to the Lord and to His children!!
    God bless you greatly Sis as you continue. I will be back and if you have reservations about reblogging just let me know, as I do not have a problem with honoring an author’s wishes!!!

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