The Wordsmith’s Choice

A Wordsmith reverently opens his paint box of words;

Expertly organized: color, texture, taste, sound, and sight;

To interlace appropriate names given motion by verbs;

Carefully align; hammer into shape; shine a favorable light;

On a treasured nugget of truth, a thought in safety girds,

The framework of culture; the very heart of nation’s might;

Wordsmiths find joy and purpose in high use of words.


A Wordsmith carelessly digs in search of a prurient word,

In disheveled box, looking for the right red and darkest black;

To scandalize, incite lust, create excitement, and be heard;

Red raw meat to draw them, in hopes of green bills in a stack!

Carefully places words in artful but base advertising blurb;

Hide death at the core; no care for society going off the track;

Purpose undermined by greed, joy is lost in truth deferred.


10 thoughts on “The Wordsmith’s Choice

    1. It’s been deferred for so long now that many have never heard it. In such a mindset, words become like the words of a sociopath with their value assigned by their usefulness for manipulation. It’s not a new problem but this seems to be ‘its’ day. Still, there is hope and we can’t give up.


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