Midnight Abalone Sky

A delicate scattering of shattered Abalone,

Glitters in the vast velvet of midnight sky;

Inlaid landscape, in white mother of pearl;

Lovingly drape, delicate lace, on each tree;

Ruffles of ice edging roofs, beams underlie;

Above windows covered frosty ice all a furl;

Frozen beauty! An eye desert made for me!

My self-centric view of a vast sparkling sky;

Encircled by horizon; trail my eye and twirl;

I am at center of beheld universal beauty!

My arrogant misunderstanding; I must try,

To side-step self; peer intently; to unfurl

The truth, in stars of fire not cold Abalone.

I, one so small; to know must I learn to fly?

I unfold myself and re-center heart’s burl;

Embrace Holy one outside Universe I see;

New perspective from above; needn’t fly!

To see myself as insignificant but God’s girl;

So small but part of His purpose in infinity!

As I gaze into winter night and by faith try,

To fathom Wisdom, setting galaxies awhirl!




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