The Joy in Tears

Tears washing over me,

Disinfect and set me free,

From the trauma of tragedy,

Purify hot anger infecting me,

Wash all pain away inside of me,


Tears of joy celebratory,

Release intensity so easily,

Happy moment glisten freely,

Jump and shout glee indwell me,

Tears of Hallelujahs praising Thee,


Tears of Compassion sweetly,

Course of mercy full-heartedly,

Expressing all genuine empathy,

For the pain of others a sympathy,

A human bond of love, peace, unity,


Tears of Jesus wept for me,

And you, hating sin’s tyranny,

Tears of blood to make us free,

Of death, the end of sin-infamy,

My tears of gratitude, I offer Thee!



33 thoughts on “The Joy in Tears

      1. No, not ‘odd’ but instead, a very powerful, expertly worded thought that gives me insight into men and tears. I live in a family of men, you know. I desperately need that insight! lol! Our words don’t belong to us, once expressed and we never know what purpose they will serve.

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      2. Lol perhaps that’s why I relate so well with you. “People like me, we like our own kind.”
        (Yeah, I quote myself a lot. I think my wife finds it charming…..I hope.) 😉

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      3. I like you because you’re weird like me? lol! Yes, I get you…but I actually, enjoy diversity in others if they will also, tolerate me. There’s nobody like us, Jacob. I’m sure your wife finds you charming and loves everything under the charm too.:0)

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    1. Wow…thank you. This one was so easy to write, I’m not sure I should take credit for it…it landed as soft as a feather in the thought of the first stanza and flowed from there…God bless and keep you always.


  1. Great poem. Tears are a gift from God. I don’t know why people sometimes make it out to be an unmanly thing to shed tears. I think I’ve seen more tears and shed more tears during my time in the Marines and also with ministry with guys. Those things are pretty “manly” stuff in our culture’s eyes…


    1. One of the things that drew me to my husband was his soft heartedness expressed by his ability to easily, tear up. At that time in my life, I couldn’t cry because I was so locked down. My husband helped me get back in contact with my tears. If that makes sense… It’s an important part of being human.

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  2. yes you are post is reflect true ideas… Jesus only clear all tears…he only know the man feelings…..

    super post..thanks for good post. keep it up …JESUS LOVES YOU…

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