La Vieja and The Magpie

Way down in old Nuevo Mexico, as the Crow flies, towards the river,

La vieja sits under her Cottonwoods, never-to-mind bickering Magpie!

Contentedly painting images of crows in colorful high-top sneakers;

In defiance! Of Death, Crow is said to bring on a black-winged-quiver!

Small-round-old woman, tough-as-nails, true-blue as enchanted sky;

Worn by west-blowing wind she bends as east-leaning wind breakers,

To nurture, protect life growing in harsh desert; la vieja is a love-giver!

“Mi casa es su casa.” Ancient tradition of welcome for all passers-by;

Old adobe home, sky-blue door open, red chili ristras hung on cedars;

Ojos de Dios watch! Blessed Rio Grande home! Oh, Mighty Life-Giver!

Feast on tortillas, enchiladas, papas, frijoles; No green chili? We cry!

Enchanted by crows wearing sneakers to taunt the continuous Magpie!


Key for Non-New Mexicans: la vieja=“the old woman”, “Mi casa es su casa!” = “My house is your house!” Ristras are red, dried, chili pods strung together that are both purposeful and beautiful. Ojos de Dios=Eyes of God. Tortillas are an unleavened, flat-bread. Frijoles=beans, in New Mexico they are Pinto Beans. Papas=fried potatoes. Enchiladas are a casserole dish made of meat, cheese, and/or beans, rolled in corn tortillas, and baked in red or green chili. Green chili of course, is the staple of life in New Mexico, a common source of good health and happiness!






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