Joy in Choredom

The drudgery of life is my daily chore,

I do complain about it! Yes, it I abhor!

But, it is the sturdy material of my life;

One cannot live and not know of strife.


Same things I’ll do each and every day,

To ensure I eat, to keep poverty away;

Mopping I do hate, a clean floor I love!

Can my chores be blessing from above?


To get me up! Make sure I keep moving?

To track my passing time that’s grooving,

Memories; Days I cataloged in the mind,

The unusual, leisure days I seek to find;


Mini-days loved; stolen from drudgery!

To unwind, I’ll commit a chore-adultery!

Without my work then I must suppose…

Fun is a chore? As boredom ever grows…


In sameness of every sort of day-by-day;

Repetitions in a movie, “Groundhog Day”

Wonder? Were my life a luxurious fabric…

Would drudgery be transformed magic?


Chores, sought to end tedious boredom?

On a run-away, short-stay in Choredom?

A holiday set to cook, clean, grocery shop,

As all the little people do and if they stop…


Working all their lives in drudgery away,

Send those atop a toppling; End Pay-Day!



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