Joyful Mourning Dove

The world thinks it very odd, this unremarkable grey bird…

Coo joy in sorrow from God? Joy in a minor key un-heard!

Ridiculous, a religious façade! Happiness is first, not third…

Joy in sorrow a sanity fraud! Joy can’t be sung by sad-bird!

Sad joy of Dove is guffawed! A joke something so absurd!


Joy’s sad song deep sorrow, cooing of the Mourning Dove…

Grief a vexation to borrow; in minor key to coo God’s Love!

Hopes peace for tomorrow, for all who dare to look Above!

Happiness fleeting sparrow, fly away when push-to-shove…

Spirit’s Joy Eternal-Morrow! Faith is joy of Mourning Dove!


11 thoughts on “Joyful Mourning Dove

  1. Ok…let me see if I get this one right. God’s joy comes in the midst of sorrow. The world thinks it odd and ludicrous that a person claiming to be a child of God would look to Him, by faith, and grab hold of that joy. Is that right?

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  2. Your poems show us we can bring Joy out of sorrow with God’s guidance. I have been praying for God’s guidance and reminding myself slow down or you are going to be in trouble. God will show me the way.

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