Joy on a January Day

A cold gloomy January day;

Allow mind to meander,

In spring-time garden play!

Warm scent of lavender…

Escape! Hated winter gray!

Strain by mind colander,

Dissociation my get-a-way!

Denying white reminder,

Flee from my January Day!


Faith enabling me to stay;

Endure winter doom!

Spirit warms me as I pray,

Lifts away gray gloom!

Joy I prefer over run-away;

Day’s long-night loom…

Face January’s deadly way;

Sure of Hope to bloom,

I do await new spring day!






21 thoughts on “Joy on a January Day

    1. I can’t go out in weather like this and I too find myself dreaming of spring. Spring=freedom to me. Winter is a powerful metaphor for me because of my condition. I’ve come to apply it things in my life that I’m helpless to change. Thank you for reading my poem.:0)

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  1. Illustrating alternatives, rather than disempowerment, settling, pigeon holed, victim status. exemplifying hope, taking flight, rather than succumbing.

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