Candied Dreams

A young girl dreams in pink cotton-candy;

Of beauty, fortune, love, and fame;

Dreams quickly melt; a sugar-rush dandy!

Disillusioned; Candy dreams to blame…


Convictions are born in a cinnamon candy;

Crusader’s passion a hot burning flame!

A tea-totaling holy-roller eschews brandy;

Focused mind- set; an evil world tame…


Reality, sweet-sour burst of treat so sandy!

Pride’s convictions an empty shame;

Self-held truth melts like powdered-candy,

A bitter heart is a middle-aged claim…


Old girl dreams in reverse a rock- hard-candy;

Slow-melt in memory; hope to re-claim,

Idealism; with wisdom mix, make it so handy,

For young sugary dreams a useful frame?


Truth isn’t found in dreams of sugared candy;

It is embodied in only one Holy Name.

True convictions aren’t for prideful to bandy;

Jesus is meaning for every age to claim!


Don’t you cry over stolen or lost sugared candy;

Trade sugary scheme for trusted Name;

Vanity’s lost dreams: poured out peach brandy…

Spirit purposes old and young the same!







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