Three Sealed as One

My secret lover was Solitude,

How I longed for you!

Refuge from the multitude…

Time to think it through…

In your arms lay in gratitude;

My! How time flew!

Love greater than platitude,

Without you I am blue;

In silence of love interlude,

As my affections grew,

For you I developed aptitude,

I decided to marry you!


My abusive husband is Isolation,

Solitude’s darker side;

Imprisonment, lonely degradation,

Jealousy, lover’s pride!

Alone, l lay in arms of trepidation;

Afraid to step outside,

Of his barred door interpretation,

Within tiny cell I abide;

Bars made by fear’s imagination!

Terrorized, hellish ride!

Silence hurts ears, brings agitation,

Solitude sold me a lie!


It isn’t good for man to be all alone;

Neither for a woman;

In solitude, the voice of God intone;

Isolation, evil demon!

Banished! In right relationship sown;

A man and a woman;

Sealed as one, kneel at God’s throne,

Three-ply Helmsman!

What God puts together not blown,

Cannot be undone!

God remains, even if death is known;

God and I are one.






31 thoughts on “Three Sealed as One

      1. I don’t know how people without Christ survive the isolating situations that life sometimes, puts us in. We all need human companionship but when we have Jesus, we are never alone. We are designed for relationship and all of our human relationships are stronger when they stem from our primary relationship with God.

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    1. Thank you, Jacqueline. I’ve always been a bit of a loner and I need my solitude. Isolation is a whole other animal. We need relationship and with Christ we are never completely alone. I’m struggling with being cooped up by myself so much lately. It’s important to remind myself of what I have instead of focusing on what I don’t have.

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  1. Excellent work, … and makes one think of where I fit into the mix? Just can’t see how swimming upstream will get me there as I really don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

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    1. Maybe God is keeping you where you are for a reason. I have things in my life too that I’ve asked God to change, fought against, but I think I have to find a way to trust God and accept them and wait. The good thin is when we have Christ, we aren’t alone. We still crave human companionship though and as much as we are able, we should reach out to others. I’ll pray for you Bob. God bless and keep you.


  2. Here you have rightly said in the last line.
    “God and I are one.”
    You have not lately visited my Blog, your absence is felt.
    If you could visit and read my latest Post “Distant Heart” I shall feel your presence.

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    1. I will Shiva. I miss them in my reader not because I’m ignoring you. I have much more to read these days, which is good, but I’ve got to develop some kind of system… Anyway, I will read your new post. God bless.


      1. I think many do follow the reader but surprisingly I do not.
        I go by my methods, it may also not be perfect. I go the random way.
        I keep seeing to my emails. The fresh ones are displayed from there I go.
        I also keep a watch on my follow list.
        I try my best to be loyal to them first.
        I read their posts honestly and comment.
        You can adopt your ways.
        THANKS for the visit.

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      2. I also, have a method that involves loyalty first. I think these days, I spent more words on comments than on posts and I very much enjoy the interaction but I’m human. The real world intrudes, I loose track, or I have a few days when I don’t feel well, or I’m traveling and time gets away from me. But I would never ignore you Shiva. I might put off the dragon award…but I won’t forget you. Promise.:0)


      3. That is an Exhibition of LOVE.
        I completely vote for what you have said.
        It is the same case with me I spend more time with other blogs than my posts.
        I feel the nessecity.
        Why not I give them the happiness they need. It may be through my words, experience, or feelings.
        Actually I am typing on my smart phone and its almost 1 am.
        One more thing I never chat like others, the one liners , I hope you understand.
        Its only with you I am today typing this.
        I am not fast at typing on the smartphone.
        I feel good being in the midst of you.
        Good night!

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    1. I’ve always enjoyed solitude for that very reason, sought it out, and wished I had more of it. Now, I have an illness that is very isolating and all this time to create has a down-side. I am grateful for my faith and my dear husband otherwise, I don’t know if I could handle it. So, I do use the time to create and I would go mad if I weren’t a creative person but I am learning greater appreciation for relationships.:0)

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