Timothy Leary and the Satanic Narco Men

Ai Timothy Leary, ivy towered pied piper of my youth! I remember you so well…

And in the legend to this day sung, they tell…

Repeat this famous line: you aren’t dead but out there, somewhere…

Looking in… And I’m wondering….

Is this the “Brave New World” you imagined?

Is this the evolution you desired to force by chemical enlightenment?

Did you see what became of the children who drank your “Magic Kool-Aide”?

What did you think would happen after “The Year of Peace and Love” became the past?

What did you think would remain after 1968?

I heard you talking in 1982 and it was evident, you still thought what you’d done was great!

A fine mind twisted by too much LSD! An old man still rambling about the destruction of society…

Truly, an aging reprobate…

Are you really out there? Have you seen the Satanic Narco Men of 2016?

The Counter Culture took over, man! Now, the Narcos rule! They’re the new establishment!

Dude! They rule! With an iron fist of violence, by the gun,

With the power of astronomical wealth!

Gained by selling your famous “Magic Kool-Aide” in every flavor and form…

Ai Timothy! I see your dreams coming true as society crumbles and nations fall,

To the madness brought on by so many chemically endarkened minds!

This is the “New World Order”…

Corruption maintains porous borders as great Narco Armies guard global trade routes;

Ensuring the flow of your “Magic Kool-Aide” (available in so many flavors) to a drug-starved world…

Did you know your little test would birth the world’s largest economy?

You, my Communist leaning mentor, who engendered this mighty capitalist’s black market,

If you’re out there… do you wish you could close the Pandora’s Box?

You who railed against Viet Nam, do you acknowledge the blood on your hands?

Are you able to number the innocents who’ve fallen? The collateral damage of the Narco Wars?

Everywhere now, there are “baby killers”. In this liberal world built on the amorality of science.

Conscious Evolution by chemically induced spirituality is a nightmare! A bad trip man…

But Timothy! The masses still dance to your tune! And respond by popping another pill…

For in this “New Narco World”, dealers often wear white coats and pocket prescription pads.

Every day new addicts are born and the cycle of abuse continues in our dysfunctional human family;

A family drowning in chemically empowered denial.

And Timothy? Before you dismiss this as the ramblings of a post-menopausal hag who back in 1970,

Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ruined her health with drugs…

Let me remind you; chickens come home to roost, and America’s chickens are on their way…

The Satanic Narcos who crushed Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico will crush America and the world!

The only way to stop them is to starve them out by abstaining from drinking “Magic Kool-Aide”…

It is our sin bringing this decent into madness.

I know Timothy, you really are dead but Judgment Day is coming and you aren’t the only one…

Who must answer for the blood on your hands.




28 thoughts on “Timothy Leary and the Satanic Narco Men

    1. Chemical exposure is at the heart of so many of our problems. I remember people making fun of “Just Say No” as being too simplistic but it did make a dent, for awhile in the mid to late 80’s. It really is the only solution to ending the blood-shed and corruption. I don’t think many people know that the Narcos have accomplished moving the southern border 75 miles north due to the danger there. I don’t even think most people realize the horror taking place in northern Mexico or the reality of how our thirst for drugs empowered greedy criminals in South America to crush so many innocents and rule over them. I’ve lived with the destruction drugs caused me personally since I was 19 but my suffering came by my choice. I wonder sometimes, how many innocents suffered to supply me with the poison that altered my life forever. The hub-bub about blood diamonds is nothing compared to what the drug trade causes.

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      1. Very true. We live in a chemically dependent society. We prescribe drugs for everything we don’t want to fix or cope with. When dependency becomes the norm it’s only to follow reason that self medicating becomes a norm too. We lose our morals, we lose our minds; we lose our minds, we lose our morals.
        “For God has given you … a sound mind.”
        And it takes a sound mind to come out of that ring of death and destruction.

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      2. Yes it does and sobriety is so much more fun than inebriation but if people start young enough and stay high long enough, they forget what life is can be like when fully engaged, too many of us are missing life by seeking to avoid it.

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    1. The U.S. wouldn’t be the first country to fall because of wide spread drug use among the people. I think of China an opium. However, we are pulling many other countries down with us and in my heart, I believe the reason so many borders remain porous is to accommodate traffickers with a lot of money to corrupt any government. It isn’t just illegal drugs either. Prescription drugs are one of the leading causes of death in NM and other states. Many people who are addicts don’t even realize they are because they get their drugs from the doctor. It more than a bane, it’s an epidemic but still, the cure is to say ‘no’. We have to start looking for better solutions to our problems. It makes me sad to think that when my generation passes, there will be no one left who remembers what it was like before ‘the drug culture’ emerged.

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  1. PAM!!! That was an incredible poem that speaks to our culture and problem today. That optimistic hope of Leary’s drug worldview is shattered and broken into the ugly scene we see today in North, South and Central America. Very very powerful poem Pam, very good. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Thank you. Meth is terrible here too. I live in a rural area where you’d think crime would be less but property crime is terrible right now and I had two neighbors close to my age killed for drug money this year. It’s a plague.

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      1. At the risk of using Aussie slang”Crikey”
        There are where I now live is pretty safe. There is an area in the Northern Suburbs in Adelaide where you just don’t go, Years ago there was nothing like that in Adelaide when I was growing up, but now Ice is the top drug in the northern suburbs, you get shot, robbed or stabbed.

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      2. It’s everywhere here and the labs are in the rural areas. One burned down near my home, I know the fumes are dangerous but I’m glad to see it go. It’s been there for years, they arrest people, shut it down, and then it opens up again. We put a camera on our property and have all kinds of video of crazy looking folks cutting across our property to get there. I have thirteen acres and somedays, I sit peacefully on my deck watching the dear and on others days the cops pull into the driveway and go running down the wash chasing meth addicts. I’ve lived here a long time but it sure has changed. I’m in the process of down-sizing and trying to move into town.


      3. My daughter and her husband have had to put cameras on their property as well. They put up with continual abuse from druggie neighbours, the only reason they don’t sell as it is within reach of her husbands work. I am glad I am out of the city

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      4. That’s what is so weird…my husband and I moved to this rural area to escape the crime in Albuquerque. I’m still in the country but as far as the drug crime goes, it feels like 1970’s Albuquerque all over again. It followed us and Meth is rurally made in the U.S. We hope to escape some of it by moving to town. The Navajo Reservation is a huge attraction to manufacturers because only the FBI has jurisdiction out there and there is an endless supply of free labor. Satanic Narco men are a daily reality.

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  2. Pam, thanks for speaking about this! I remember, a lot. Two things about drugs, that is, so-called recreational drugs:
    you lose your sense of guilt and shame.
    you will be encouraged by those who want you to get into something stronger: marijuana to cocaine.
    I remember feeling that the fog I was in was beautiful, a freedom from guilt.
    This is an insight for me – them keeping the borders as you said porous for the trafficing. So many lives destroyed by so-called freedom!!
    As far as doctors and Rx meds go, it seems that they want you to be on antidepressants. Isn’t sorrow part of being human? Why medicate it away so that your reactions become unreal? More than sad, all of this! Praise God for His deliverance – and it isn’t in any 12 step program including Celebrate Recovery. Only Jesus saves us from our destructions.

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