Cowboy Independent

The American West is where I belong!

It is the land I’m made from;

A wild land tamed by ancestors strong;

I am as tough as they come!

Rugged individual of the cowboy-song;

Living hard, won’t succumb!

To societal standards, avoid the throng;

In the city I am a sore-thumb!

Big skies over empty land, liberty-song!

Cowboy symbol of freedom!

Pull up my boots I stand tall and long!

Now, I’m an outmoded bum?

Hear America singing her death-song?

My liberty sold for a crumb…

Of empty promises is so dang wrong!

D.C. filled with lying scum!

Cowboy Independent this final-song…

Farewell American freedom!

Shoot me dead in this land I belong!

To tyranny I won’t succumb!

America! I am what made you strong!

Now, silence freedom drum…

Left-Right boot march! Comrade-song!


25 thoughts on “Cowboy Independent

    1. That I know but I also, know ranchers and what they have been going through with a bullying government for the last two decades. When the government kills off all independent farmers and ranchers, they will control the food supply, and control all of us. The government shouldn’t own so much western land. I also, think we’re foolish to be swayed into thinking we must give up freedom in order to adapt to change. Not all transformation is good.


      1. Very few outside of the ranchers (who are a minority) know their side. I think the approach in Oregon was wrong but I understand why they are so desperate. These aren’t bad guys. They’re hard working guys protecting the lively-hood, their families, and their lives. Even though I’m not a cowboy, my husband is and independent contractor and this isn’t the right climate for independence to thrive. I don’t know why we keep our business, we’ve become nothing more than insurance slaves.

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  1. Ooo, that hurts. Sadly too much truth to it. It seems that now the only farmers and ranchers who succeed are the ones the government pays subsidy to – that’s not freedom. Lots of government slaves around; it’s not because they work too hard.


    1. A lot of ranchers have been harassed for the last couple of decades. The government would prefer they leave to land to them but many ranchers have had contracts to work Federal Lands for generations. It isn’t easy to break them so instead, the EPA mostly, makes their lives miserable. The man they shot was little old man and they shot him in the back, it appears…this is my heritage and I’m feeling it today…Thanks for reading and caring enough to comment, Oneta.


    1. We are becoming something I don’t recognize. America has always been a spiritual country and too many have turned away from God. Like much of the rest of the world, we’ve been swallowed by Secularism.


    1. Secularism is very intolerant towards those who don’t embrace it. The sad part is those on both coasts dictate who becomes president because of the concentration of voters. Those of us in ‘fly over country’ deal with a very different reality and Federal policies don’t relate to us.

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      1. “Those of us in ‘fly over country’ deal with a very different reality and Federal policies don’t relate to us.”
        Secular statism often hurts the hard working people who don’t depend on government assistance. Sadly though in urban areas we often see high concentration of welfare and government dependence. I think it perpetuate a cycle where these people then vote for politicians that would increase their benefits or protect it (even if it is precieved) and these politicans in turn continue their trajectory in order to win votes. Ultimately though it is unsustainable.

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      2. We are currently, much like Great Brattain in the 1970’s. I don’t think their present is our future however, because of the global economy and the financial state of the countries that comprise that economy. Things don’t look good but I also, think the structure in place now will have to crumble before there is a chance to make things better. If that happens, they will want independent farmers and ranchers again. Everyone has to eat. Of course, we could be heading straight to Armageddon. On the other side of that battle, things look pretty good for some of us.

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    2. It’s because we say, “Ya’ll,” instead of “Youse Guys.” Seriously, it is because those in the South and the Mid West are viewed as ignorant. Take me for example, I have a college degree but like to raise pigs, chickens, and goats. I wear over-alls often with one leg stuck in the top of my boot. My choice of vehicle is a pick up truck. I prefer country living to city living, fresh air to smog. I CHOOSE FREEDOM to make my own way instead of someone doing it for me.

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      1. This reminded of one time some open air preachers came to one of the secular colleges I was attending and they were mocked for being uneducated because they were clearly from the Mid-west. When someone asked the guy if he’s even been to college the preacher simply said yes. I just thought it was ironic that a bunch of community college kids, many of whom I suspect wouldn’t even finished, thought they were smarter simply for being at a community college than a guy who looks like he’s from the Mid-West. Anyways, I have much love for the mid-west and South.

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      2. I’ve seen the flip-side of that prejudice too when people skip over formal education and then pride themselves above ‘eggheads’. There are also, many ‘poor’ folks I know that are consumed with greed. Pride is found in every human strata…

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    1. This is a sad one for me…weird things happening in the U.S. Horrible things. Our government is running amok. I am so ashamed of them on so many levels. If you don’t work for the government or a big corporation married to the government, you are a second class citizen. Now, we have slaves of every color…


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