In Joyful Reverence

Father, fill this weary heart, With your Spirit, your presence! Infuse my mind with reverence, Beyond ideas of human art!   May an aroma, a Holy essence, Melt my anxious heart! This day is a new start; Live for you in Holy reverence!   Break sin’s pride apart, By awareness of your presence! Heaven is … More In Joyful Reverence

The Recluse

From the outside looking in, it is very difficult to understand why this woman who appears to be healthy and normal would choose to live in isolation. It doesn’t however, keep people in the neighborhood from trying to peek and ascertain why their neighbor is so strange. In fact she is the subject of not … More The Recluse

Joyful Mourning Dove

The world thinks it very odd, this unremarkable grey bird… Coo joy in sorrow from God? Joy in a minor key un-heard! Ridiculous, a religious façade! Happiness is first, not third… Joy in sorrow a sanity fraud! Joy can’t be sung by sad-bird! Sad joy of Dove is guffawed! A joke something so absurd!   … More Joyful Mourning Dove

Joy in Choredom

The drudgery of life is my daily chore, I do complain about it! Yes, it I abhor! But, it is the sturdy material of my life; One cannot live and not know of strife.

On Butterfly Wings

Four-year-old Ariel with hair the color of brown sugar and deep, sapphire-blue eyes peers intently at a yellow butterfly sitting at the center of a white Shasta daisy. It’s one of those early June days that memories are made of. A soft breeze stirs and lifts the little girl’s hair in a swirling poof, in … More On Butterfly Wings

La Vieja and The Magpie

Way down in old Nuevo Mexico, as the Crow flies, towards the river, La vieja sits under her Cottonwoods, never-to-mind bickering Magpie! Contentedly painting images of crows in colorful high-top sneakers; In defiance! Of Death, Crow is said to bring on a black-winged-quiver! Small-round-old woman, tough-as-nails, true-blue as enchanted sky; Worn by west-blowing wind she … More La Vieja and The Magpie

Do You Know

Originally posted on His Eye Is On The Sparrow:
? Do you know how difficult it was for the gospel writers to explain the life of Jesus? They wrote in a way so as to put it as simply as possible to move past the difficulty, to just show us Jesus and all that means.…

The Joy in Tears

Tears washing over me, Disinfect and set me free, From the trauma of tragedy, Purify hot anger infecting me, Wash all pain away inside of me,   Tears of joy celebratory, Release intensity so easily, Happy moment glisten freely, Jump and shout glee indwell me, Tears of Hallelujahs praising Thee,   Tears of Compassion sweetly, … More The Joy in Tears