Rare Disease Day 2016, More Than Just Cryoglobulinemia

Today is Rare Disease Awareness Day and since I have a rare disease called Cryoglobulinemia, I have a special interest in February 29th, 2016. It’s true that my particular autoimmune disease is very rare but when I place it within the greater context of the many rare autoimmune diseases, I see myself as one among … More Rare Disease Day 2016, More Than Just Cryoglobulinemia

Season’s Romance

A rosy morning sunrise prances… (In a delicate sunbeam ballet) Upon snowy February branches… A frosty-day-sparkle-melt-away! Spring warmth on winter dances; Quick encounter a seasonal play! Yearly rendezvous brief romances… Warmth of life leads cold astray! Icy dissolve nurture life’s chances, Green rises to overthrow all gray! Glitter-to-glint magnifies enhances, Hope- for-spring-time-dream-day! Slow-waltz Winter’s Spring … More Season’s Romance

Dear WordPress Friends

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but my reader is blank and I am unable to use it. I’m not ignoring anyone or being anti-social. I know I’m missing out on some wonderful posts. I hope to be reading your work again soon!

In This Sober Moment

When tragedy does a home invasion; When calamity’s thugs beat down your door! When the threat out there bursts into your safe haven; When first fear and then anger rise. There’s no time to think but only react and defend. This moment is the force which reveals exactly, who you are. After this trauma event … More In This Sober Moment

Tune of Heart

Oh! Listen to the new tune playing upon my heart! It’s light as feather stirred by emotional weather… Lifts by the sun; drifts with moon; love to impart! Sets dreams aquiver, light of inspiration to deliver… Dips down in a sad swoon, dream-despairing-heart… Melancholy blue savor, open Door for sad-believer… Breath of Life re-stirs my … More Tune of Heart