Heart of Blue

I cut this heart of blue,

From special paper I saved for you,

In love’s cooler hue;

Trim in fine lace, used time as my glue;

Binding of hearts true;

Ribbons weave through and through,

Defining edges anew;

Now, tiny hearts of pink and baby-blue!

My how our years flew!

Happy Heart Day! True love share with you!


9 thoughts on “Heart of Blue

      1. Feel good but feel like I been hit with a brick wall. I felt good when I came home, I can do this and that, now I feel Hey! give yourself time. My leg is swollen down to the knee, I am hopping it goes down as it is my driving leg for the car. I drive a manual car and love it. It is only a month so time is the main point.

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      2. It’s hard to keep the time thing in perspective. Being cooped up and in so much pain has made me kind of buggy. I’m an outdoor girl and it’s tough having to stay inside all of the time. All I want to do is go outside and breathe fresh air without the cold hurting me and making me wheeze and cough. It’s warmer now, but last week was so cold I had to stay under an electric throw all of the time. So, now I’m back on Prednisone for the vasculitis and it helps a lot. I can see! But I can’t take it forever and I’m going to have to make some tough decisions about medications that scare me, that I can’t really afford, and my insurance won’t cover…I need lots of prayers right now.


      3. I will keep praying, could do with a cool change here. Summer has been so hot this year. Being cooped up with pain is intolerable and I can associate with that. I will keep you in my prayers

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