The Bottom

There is no known exhaustion,

Like the complete exhaustion,

Of trying far too long,

To make-believe and be strong.

When on the inside weakness screams!

Breaking the profound silence,

Where-in lays the corpse of cherished dreams.


This is the human condition,

A very bitter truth rendition,

At the hitting-bottom reality moment;

In agony lie there, in Pride’s torment!

Embraced truth is humility;

God’s strength survives our weakest moment.


11 thoughts on “The Bottom

      1. Lately I feel like I have been hit with a brick wall, wanting to do things but cannot do them. Coming of off medication has hit me

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    1. Even when we believe, we can get caught up in trying to be more than we are. God brings us to the point of collapse so we will depend on Him. This was true in my moment of salvation and repeats itself during other times of crisis in my life.


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