I look around me and see,

Everything I’ve known coming apart;

Angry people seeking unity in common hatred,

Tribes forming; preparing for a great battle…

Over the lost soul of a too proud nation.

Denying the Spirit that kept them,

Bent on destruction,

On war.


“It’s time to tear it all down!” they say,

Abandon that old Constitution, let’s go backward,

And instead be like Europe, that far superior model!

Of Democratic Socialism, “we’ll all feed each other man”

But government workers produce no food, no housing, no necessities…

We’ll leave all of that to a sub-class of workers,

Independent Neanderthals of small business!

And immigrant workers with no legal status…

Slaves to serve the governing elite!

Equality earned through compliance.

To the Government,

Who bestows it;



But look what we’ve built they say!

A tall tower of power and untold wealth!

A marriage of Corporation and Government;

Come! Get in bed with us and we’ll make your dreams come true!

Just sign this contract, pay your dues, we’ll keep you safe from terrorists!

Give us your liberty in exchange for health care and we’ll pretend to be capitalists!

But forget that old Constitution, idealism never to be…

Be pragmatic; say to yourself “What’s in it for me?”

Tear down that dream in your heart,

Old dream of personal liberty!

Equality, freedom for all,

Morally sound persons,

Longing to be free…

Crush them!




They tore Woodstock down as a prophecy…

In their desperation born glee of destruction!

In hatred of the global giant their parents deny but all see;

The Beastlike Government growing and growing…

In youth, hearts long to be free!

Rebellion whispers,” Anarchy!”

“Don’t tread on me!”

But no, not the Constitution!

Old White man’s Document!

Lost in interpretation…

No borders! No boundaries!

Each to their own!

Liberty to the strongest!

By the Gun!

Personal Totalitarian,



Mourning America, I went searching for freedom’s song,

The one that echoes in this old American heart:

Individual freedom; guarded by morality;

Equal value; God given rights to life,

Liberty, and pursuit of happiness;

Freedom to succeed and to fail;

All outlined in the Constitution.

Old Document that when left to do so,

Interprets itself.

The forgotten


The true American Dream;

The Spirit of right Unity;

A common dream of personal liberty,

With respect for the liberty of others;

Dependence upon God not Government,

Freedom maintained by healthy morality,

That denies the need to be governed,

By other men and women;


Rule ends;

If we but begin,


On our knees!

And live as the men and women,

God intended us to be.

Are you willing? “To die or live free?”

Or will you knuckle under,


To Totalitarian.









19 thoughts on “Totalitarian

      1. True, Pam! He will never leave nor forsake us – in whatever times and events.
        Thanks for expressing what many of us are concerned about!

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      2. I know the U.S. is not an immortal nation but I sorely, miss the America I’ve always known. She’s never been perfect but America’s spirit seems to be broken. That spirit is expressed in our Constitution. We need to return to it as we return to God and strive to become the kind of people who deserve freedom.

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  1. When we get into bed with strange bedfellows, we shouldn’t be surprised that we get lice! You have captured the state of the World in your prose dear Pam and each day, as the World throws the word of God on bent knees out of the windows, it only gets worse.

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    1. Yes…and it is so blatantly evident in this election. We’re being offered a choice between Socialism and Fascism with many other isms at play. We’ve drifted far from our Constitution and few seem interested in it anymore because they’ve also, lost interest in God. The only hope of retrieving America is to turn back to God and obey Him. I’d love to see that happen but I wrote this as validation for those who see what I see taking place while most are content to pretend it’s just the usual.

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  2. What a poem for our time. Never thought the day would come that so many people are willing to vote for an open socialists but then we’ve been heading towards this direction for some time now. Thanks for unmasking the totalitarian streak in our government today.

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    1. “People will be ruled by the Bible or the bayonette” Daniel Webster. Totalitarian government is the bottom line when we leave our Constitution behind and for the most part, we have. I would describe the system in place now, here and in Europe as soft-totalitarian. The Federal Government is involved and regulates every aspect of our lives. So far, most are compliant but the bayonettes, or in our time, AK’s and drones are for those who don’t peacefully, knuckle under. I thin what has surprised me is seeing the America I love vanishing a little more every year, every election cycle, with barely a whimper on the part of the American people. We aren’t what we used to be.

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      1. Yeah…statism is now the routine default for every problem in people’s mind. I like this rhyme you wrote, don’t know if it’s intentional or not: “Totalitarian government is the bottom line when we leave our Constitution behind”

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      2. I didn’t rhyme on purpose…lol…but I might use it somewhere. My seven year old grandson loves for me to make up rhymes and songs off the cuff. Once he said, “Grammy, how do you do that? Coo-coo, coo-coo!” He called it! :0) I’ve spent too much of my life hanging out with small children…

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