Under a Cold Sun

Virtual sun-shine, so brilliantly cold!

Ruling the land without sympathy.

Some lives don’t matter! I’m told,

Rid the burden! Despise empathy!

Toward the unborn, those too old…

State decides whose life is worthy.

Drones obliterate in sums untold.

A bloodless click! A war so stealthy…

Beware silent attack! Horrors behold!

Non-endangered, Power’s Wealthy.

By Mandate, bread turns to mold…

Individualism? Deemed unhealthy.

Comply or force into collective fold.

No God above the State Authority!

Truth? Twisted interpretation sold…

State owes none, no accountability!

Arbitrary law enforced on the bold,

Who speak, Truth to Power Wealthy.

Manipulation: souls bought re-sold…

Chaotic border keeps covert slavery.

Organs bought or stolen; living gold!

Old woes revisited, intensify misery,

Beneath a virtual sun burning so cold!



19 thoughts on “Under a Cold Sun

    1. We’re a mess aren’t we? Our technology has over-run our ability to handle it rightly. My second grader grandson is being ‘taught’ empathy in the public school. We have to learn to make different choices, while we still have a bit of personal choice. When it comes to technology, we have to embrace it but resist it at the same time. When it comes to the current state of government…I’m speechless…but maybe a wall around D.C. would help? Fence them in and starve them out?

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      1. LOL A fence around them would be a good start. As for technology, it is suppose to bring us together, but if I have to keep staring at the back of a cell phone while I try to have a conversation, I will scream. Empathy is a lost art. More importantly, this was an amazing post.

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      2. Well, they’d have to tunnel their way out to get it because left to themselves to produce any food, they’ll starve. A tecolote’ by another name is buzzard. There are too many of them and they’re picking us clean.

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  1. So! its all over the world.
    Is that the order of the day.
    A well planned social set up.
    If it can be so what shall be the future.
    The future seems to be bleak.
    The blames to get from future generations to come.
    Good Post!
    There is something for you in my Blog.
    Valentine Day’s Special. “Those moments….
    I hope you shall love to read it. 😉

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    1. Yes, a global system that has swallowed the world aided by technology. There’s plenty of blame to pass around but blame deflects from finding solutions. I can’t fix the world around me but by being aware, I can make right choices for myself and resist as much as I am able from becoming part of the problem. Jesus is still the right example to follow. I’ll make sure to read you Valentine’s poem. God bless and keep you.


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