At the Heart of Joy

There’s no joy to be found in a side-step with Truth.

If you want to destroy love, make sure to tell lies.

To thwart peace, you must practice deceit.

Hope dies in a self-centered thought.

Death solves no problem in life.

Death begets death.

Life begets Life.


Happiness fleeting pursue as a temporary joy, consume.

The passion of romance rises and falls with the moon.

Beauty can be deceptive, the mask of hate and evil.

Vain-glory, insatiable black hole of soul.

Death is destined to swallow itself.

Life cannot die.

Life fills Death.


There’s a hunger within all that material gain can’t satisfy.

A need for love, forgiveness, guidance, and eternal Life;

Peace with God, the Father and inner peace with self.

Hopeful purpose found in Christ-centered thoughts.

Enlightenment: Truth’s beauty to satiate the soul.

Light consumes Night.

Life triumphs Death.


Truth is the pain of healing that brings joy when obeyed.

To promote Divine Love, make sure you honor Truth.

To ensure peace, practice honesty with integrity.

Spread hope by serving God and then all others.

Life is the solution to our struggle with Death.

Jesus embodies Life.

Jesus is Eternal Life.







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