From my friend Amoafowaaa Sefa Cecilia.

Mum C Writes

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Times have turned upside down
Although its legs race changeth not
How it used its shovel
To turn the minds of beings like a reckless farmer tilling land
Has bought dizziness for my visual chords

What do you say of this abomination?
Where gyms take strength meant for lands?
These are hard times
Hard times when plants and trees give their all
But hands fail to replace them
Knowing well they are the breath and bread
Which honour our lives’ continuance
These are hard times

Hard times when religions hold guns and bombs and machetes
Hard times when minds have been eaten by the urge of belongingness
Hard times when temporal beings claim jurisdictions met at birth
Laying their lives for those who love earthly rule
Giving rights to papers to rule beings like puppets
As the very few are tasked to feed zillions
These are…

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