Hey, Mr. Tecalote’!

Hey Mr. Tecalote’! (lock, load, click!) You are still just a buzzard circling under another name!

You can hide behind your acronymic letters: BLM, EPA all day long…

But still you are a vulture! Though you are now bigger in number you play the same old game!

A scavenger that feeds on the carcasses of the weak and the strong…

It’s time for you to go home now! To your land where the Babylon towers scrape the sky tame!

Purple Mountain Majesty, Field’s Fruited Grain, land where I belong!

It’s much too dry out here to hydrate your delicate skin; sun- sand abrasion leaves you lame!

Hear this Tecalote’! That which leaves you weak made us very strong!

We cling to God and we pack a gun, for centuries we’ve settled, live, and thrive in the same!

And I’m wondering, “Who the heck made you king?” Your way is wrong!

Environmental-dream -fallacy! Who puts food on your plate? Gas in your car? It’s not a game!

Misuse our land for your power? You will in the future sing hunger’s song!

Crush the workers, the creators of wealth; break the back-bone of this nation; all your shame!

In New Methico there is a new harsh saying; a “Breaking Bad” cynical-song…

In this empty desert there are lots of holes and there is one waiting especially for you to claim…

Tecalote’ en su compadres, narco traffickers! Starved out! Meek are strong!


Reference Key: Tecalote’ is Spanish for buzzard, vulture, or scavenger. Historically, in New Mexico it is a peasants term used for those who rule over them by oppression. New Mexico’s history is ancient and we have seen many Mr. Tecalote’s come and go. It is a statement of defiance and endurance.

“There are many holes in the desert” is a newer common expression derived from the Narco-culture over-riding everything now. I use it to reference the estimated 100,000 Mexicans murdered in Northern Mexico, during the past ten years in the drug and human trafficking war over trade routes into the U.S. It is also, a reference to those refugee/immigrants who died in the desert trying to cross over to a better life after their agricultural economy was crushed by NAFTA. It is a reference to all who’ve died in New Mexico as a result of trafficking and as the result of using drugs. Tecalote’s and traffickers are well-known bed-fellows and together they dig holes and fill them with the bodies of people no one cares about but they are also, digging their own graves and will end up in the same holes.






14 thoughts on “Hey, Mr. Tecalote’!

    1. It’s a necessity, I’m afraid. I don’t know about you but I feel more secure when the good-guys are packing heat. There is a huge confrontation taking place with the EPA, BLM i.e. the Feds in rural NM right now and I imagine similar situations throughout the west. They are shutting us down through wrong-headed regulations. We are currently, a Bad Broke State, with jobs destroyed by government manipulation, coffers emptied because of loss of revenue that goes with lost jobs, with meth fueling any economy that’s left. Crime is soaring and they’ve no money to fight it. The just can’t figure it out and keep doing the same. I’m just a sick old lady but people are threatened and people are riled. Especially, take a gander at my beloved Animas River, polluted by a horrific mine spill the direct handiwork of an EPA Super Fund Site that was near completion and about to be shut-down. So strange how this catastrophic spill didn’t end in jail time or even a firing. No, low and behold, by this spill, they saved their jobs and even gained a loftier title and lots of Federal money. But a rancher who’s controlled burn accidentally allows that fire to burn a few weeds on BLM land and you got it, he goes to jail. I don’t promote violence but I understand the harassment of ranchers, for decades now, that caused those men to take over those buildings in OR. It was the wrong thing to do but I know those kind of people and that old man shouldn’t have been gunned down. People don’t realize how much government control over such a huge chunk of western land affects all of our lives. Land and water have always been power in the west and that power now, belongs to the Fed. It is being wielded against the local people in a very careless, corrupted way.

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      1. I’m so out of touch. I heard something, but not extensive in coverage. I did not know someone had been gunned down. I sympathize with the plight of farmers.

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      2. We are flooded with information these days but most of us are very uninformed. I know ranchers and what they’ve been going through for years. I live in a rural area in oil and gas country where the BLM and EPA are doing much the same to local working class people here. There is no economy without the people who produce food, energy, and build. The powers that be have become so virtually minded that they’ve lost all common sense. I really don’t think any of them stop to think how that hamburger got on their plate or even stop to think that a little electric car is fueled primarily from coal. They mandate new regulations with the same care as clicking on an app and never stop to think what effect it has on people in real-time. In the end, regulations on food and energy that destroy the lives of the people who produce is detrimental to all of us. You should read about what happened in OR. When farmer’s started shaping their plow-shares into swords a very basic grass-roots change is beginning to form.

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      3. That’ what I was able to come across about two to three months ago. About the taking over of a Gov building, but I thought that was resolved. Didn’t know any one had been gunned down.

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      4. Google Rober LaVoy Finicum. You can watch and FBI video of the shooting, and read about the confrontation that began when a rancher’s controlled burn crossed over to BLM land and was sentenced to prison time. I wrote “Cowboy Independent” in memory of Robert. People have complained about BLM workers moving their cattle onto prohibited land and other harassing methods used to get them in trouble with the law and in the end, drive them off the land. They also, bear the brunt of our chaotic Southern border, with no help. It’s not good.

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    1. Vulture, buzzard, scavenger. Historically in New Mexico, it has referred to first the Patrons, the wealthy that moved in bought up land only, to take from it, anyone really from outside who comes to steal and not contribute. The thing about these tecalotes’ we have now, is they’ve become weary of circling, and the scavengers have turned predator. They no longer wait for death, the descend and smother their victims. NM has been crushed by ‘transformation’ in the last decade. Things are very hard for many people and what’s happening here now, will affect everyone.

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    1. Yes, but Mr. Tecalote’s kingdom must fall and to enter God’s Kingdom, he must have a change of heart. Those who dine on the fat of the land, in the process crush those who produce it, contribute nothing, and view themselves as God, have no part in that better world to come. The term tecalote’ has a long history in NM, it is a codicil of ancient peasant thought by down-trodden, simple people, who wait for their time to come, when the meek will inherit the earth. Simple folks here have waited out, driven out, and outlasted many tecalotes’ but right now, we are overrun. I know this one burns a bit but it is my statement of defiance. They may wipe us all out but when they do, they’ll starve. We don’t need the tecalote’ but without us, he’ll perish and never rise from the dust.

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  1. I was thinking (you know, always thinking) and I wanted to explain that one line you’re quibbling with. In Northern Mexico 100 thousand people have been murdered in the last ten years. That is an estimate because along with dismembered bodies found many people simply vanish. That doesn’t include the thousands who’ve died in the desert trying to cross into the U.S. after NAFTA destroyed the Mexican Agricultural economy (in much they same way they are now, destroying the economy of NM) or the people on this side who are murdered in the same war, or the innocence who are killed for drug money. This ancient desert doesn’t recognize human borders but it is crying out to God because of the blood that soaks the ground. There are so many holes in the desert but the tecalote’ derive a lot of cash from of the state of our chaotic border and that gives them the power they need to pillage. They fashion all those dead bodies into political foot balls, confuse the people, and weaken them by turning them against each other. Most Americans have no clue about the reality of it. But let me tell you, little sister, it is moving north and what tecalote’ is doing to us New Mexicans now, will result in that floodgate opening wide. I fear many more guilty and innocent will find themselves in a hole in the desert. I may find myself there too but I know these fat tecalotes’ are choosing the same for themselves. I won’t put them there but the natural consequences of their actions will.


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