Sustaining Joy

Every day new worlds rise! And old worlds fall apart.

I am told this is only, a matter of perception.

What do you do when your world is taken all apart?

Is good attitude, a positive thought of deflection,

Able to override calamity? Or mend a tattered heart?

Is faith only energy? Form of magic imagination?


I believe that true faith hurts and bleeds very red.

Because when Lazarus died, “Jesus wept”.

Then He called him and raised him from the dead!

I know that in Jesus, my sad soul is kept.

Though my old world crashed down upon my head!

Jesus is here with me; my need is met.


Herein lies my joy! Whether I be happy, sad, even mad,

If I be abandoned, crushed, battered, or stoned,

Should persecution come, the enemy steal all I’ve had!

Jesus paid the ultimate for me; my sin is atoned.

Even though in this world I find little to make me glad,

He understands; in my heart never be dethroned!

There He rests, keeps me warm, when all’s gone so bad.





25 thoughts on “Sustaining Joy

      1. Great ministry, that one.:0) Yep!:0) My main ministry at church used to be my ‘hugging ministry’ I sure miss that. God works through the simple things and the greatest encouragement is validation. Jesus is validation.

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      2. That’s funny Pam. I have never been a hugger, always been very possessive of my personal space and that seemed invasive to me. That’s been a thing to learn, because we have several ladies whose ministry is just that. I actually treasure it now, but was very hard for me at first.

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      3. I was the same way and went through the same process. I try to be sensitive to the less huggy types but I’ve found that though they do protest, they’ll sidle up to me for a little pat if they think I’ve forgotten. We all need respectful, gentle hugs.

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    1. Well…if you’ve read some of my other stuff as of late you’ll know, I was only sharing my own readjustment process. Reality can be harsh but denial doesn’t work for long. We have to have faith and pass through. I hope the reality of your day improves and you find the strength to move forward, endure, transcend, and overcome. God bless you.

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  1. Amen, Pam. Joy is sustained by our knowledge of His presence in our life. The history we share with Him. Our relationship and thankfulness. This is about faith, see the similarity, in posts. Thanks for calling me to this Pam.

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    1. Thank you and you’re welcome, Miguel. Jesus is our joy. It is His person and not of ourselves at all. We can’t lose Him, He won’t let us go, and we can never lose our joy; no matter how we feel.


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