Dear WordPress Friends

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but my reader is blank and I am unable to use it. I’m not ignoring anyone or being anti-social. I know I’m missing out on some wonderful posts. I hope to be reading your work again soon!

20 thoughts on “Dear WordPress Friends

  1. YES! It happened to me also a few weeks ago, and when I emailed it to the experts, was told that was impossible. (HA!!) I wish I could tell you how it came back on, but it did, thankfully. Try going into the “help” and contact place and telling them this has happened.


    1. It’s fixed now. I have had some other little glitches. This was more frustrating. Nothing is ever perfect in this world and technology isn’t perfect either. When I hold that thought, it makes me happy. If we human beings ever managed to create something that didn’t fail, we’re doomed.

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