Dear WordPress Friends

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but my reader is blank and I am unable to use it. I’m not ignoring anyone or being anti-social. I know I’m missing out on some wonderful posts. I hope to be reading your work again soon!

20 thoughts on “Dear WordPress Friends

  1. YES! It happened to me also a few weeks ago, and when I emailed it to the experts, was told that was impossible. (HA!!) I wish I could tell you how it came back on, but it did, thankfully. Try going into the “help” and contact place and telling them this has happened.


  2. It happened to me and apparently a few other bloggers. I was out for about 12 hours. Not fun. You’re sweet to leave a note, Joy. It’s good to be able to see you. ❀ ❀


    1. It’s fixed now. I have had some other little glitches. This was more frustrating. Nothing is ever perfect in this world and technology isn’t perfect either. When I hold that thought, it makes me happy. If we human beings ever managed to create something that didn’t fail, we’re doomed.

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