In This Sober Moment

When tragedy does a home invasion;

When calamity’s thugs beat down your door!

When the threat out there bursts into your safe haven;

When first fear and then anger rise.

There’s no time to think but only react and defend.

This moment is the force which reveals exactly, who you are.

After this trauma event passes and if you survive,

You’ll know with certainty every strength and weakness you possess.

And understand perfectly, what you can and cannot control.

There is no more harshly lit mirror than that of a very strong test.

Not only of your will to survive but of who you are as a person,

And your ability to overcome.

Are you alive for a reason? Or is it only lucky happenstance?

A second half of chaotic calamity…

Only faith can make sense of it and return reason to your life.

Jesus is reason when nothing humanly reasonable makes any sense.

He is validation when you find yourself hated for no reason.

The world hates Him too.

He knows what you suffer, He possesses no cruelty, and He really does care.

He carried you through it and you survived.

He will mend the damage, heal every wound, and replace everything lost.

Jesus is the power by which you survived to overcome.

In this sober moment everything is made crystal clear.



11 thoughts on “In This Sober Moment

  1. Yes, going through the fire doth remove the dross (generally turning out to be all substitutes) revealing Him in us, as it should have originally been. Nice effective piece of poetry. Real.

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    1. It’s my real life but something common to all. Faith isn’t pie in the sky, it’s real-life struggle and I’m thankful that Jesus always meets me where the rubber meets the road. Thank you for reading and encouraging me with your comment. God bless.

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  2. This made me think of soemthing I always say. People like to taalk about what they would have done, but until you find yourself in a particular situation, you never know how you are going to react. Sometimes, cowards rise to the occasions an heroes wilt. Nice write.


    1. There are those life changing moments in life where we are one way before and totally different and on a new track in life forever, after. I don’t like them but they do come and they have a way of making what’s important in life and genuinely true starkly real. I know those moments are allowed for just that purpose. We are all knuckle-heads and I am one among them.

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      1. Well, first let me say, some of us are more knuckler than others (I doubt that is a word). Funny thing about those moments, at the time we don’t realize they were life changing. Only in hindsight do we realize they set our lives on a different course. January 2013, I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs, didn’t know it at the time, but it was a life changer. This accident led to twoyears of fighting to not be homeless, nights of hunger, pride swallowing, and evetually showed me God does exist because he never abandonded us. Sorry for bringing up the religion. But it seemed so fitting in this moment.

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      2. Faith and God are never an offense to me. It’s not like you’re trying to fix me which I don’t like. You’re sharing a very real experience and one I understand on a very rubber-meets-the-road level. I’m sorry for your pain and suffering. You sure don’t let it show much in your writing or I missed those posts. I hope you and your life are on the mend now? Being changed is hard, a difficult process, and when I think back on those painful things, I’m still not thankful for them but I do appreciate how God has worked them out in me. What came near to destroying me made me a better person. Still though, when those hard things come, I’m more likely to despair than trust and you know what? He proves it to me all over again…be blessed and your dear butterflies too.:0)

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      3. One day I will write a post about it. One night we had nothing to eat & no money. My wife sat me down to make me pray. I thought she was insane. After praying she said let’s go for a walk. Within 100 feet of the building where we lived we found thirty dollars. This happened three times in a two year span. I learned so much after that accident.

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      4. Yeah, I know that happens because I’ve had the same kind of thing a different context. We aren’t the smartest, most powerful beings in the universe. There is a Power outside of the universe who holds it all. You are loved you crazy, chimp! lol!


  3. This is a very action packed beginning! I know it’s not the main point of the post but it makes me think about how often at a moment of danger it’s who you are that reacts and not just merely training in my opinion.


    1. Exactly and we have no control over calamity when it comes into our lives. We can judge others and I think people do so to make themselves feel safer but things happen and our lives are forever changed. If we have God in our lives, He works it to our good and also, uses it to demonstrate Himself to us. Sometimes, that’s what has to happen to cause us to acknowledge Him. He may also, be using our lives as an example to others for His glory. I wonder how many billions of people have found empathy, validation, and hope in all that poor Job endured. It’s not about us, it’s all about Him. I am happier and better able to endure all things when I remember that fact and I become miserable when I forget it.

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