Tune of Heart

Oh! Listen to the new tune playing upon my heart!

It’s light as feather stirred by emotional weather…

Lifts by the sun; drifts with moon; love to impart!

Sets dreams aquiver, light of inspiration to deliver…

Dips down in a sad swoon, dream-despairing-heart…

Melancholy blue savor, open Door for sad-believer…

Breath of Life re-stirs my sensitive’s feather-heart!

Spirit Wind of Savior, blows away feelings-deceiver!

Strum Your melody; melt my tragedy; purify my art!

Song I sing to brighten other in heart-fickle weather…

New joyful tune, sun or moon, plays upon my heart!


12 thoughts on “Tune of Heart

    1. Me too! God gave it to me along with music so, I hear it and my heart is lightened by understanding my purpose. It is a Joy Bird’s song. Just as a bird is pre-programmed by instinct to sing certain notes, no matter in what kind of conditions, the Joy of Jesus is my song to sing, programming by the Holy Spirit. Even the dark times in my life are allowed so that my song of joy speaks with empathy to those others suffering in the dark. It’s not about me, it’s all about Him, and I’m securely a part of His magnificent plan. God is very, very good, Jim.:0)

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