In a World of Wizards and Dragons

When the Wizards rise to power,

As men who favor magic set Nature’s God aside,

And beautiful horrible dragons fill the virtual skies!

Look but resist, don’t in fear cower;

Participate when you must, take the rest in stride;

Hold onto Truth, recognize deception and its lies.


“Drop your electronic device and move away from the windows!”


Shut it down, unplug, disengage, and go outside!

Welcome to this ancient world! Experience the joy and the pain!

Breathe deep in pleasured gasps, the air giving life to all the living.

The warm sun burns tender skin and man’s pride!

“Kiss the Son” while time remains, from virtual blindness refrain;

Don’t fear the dragon’s darkening in random smote so unforgiving,

Powered by fear, reprobate imagination to deride!


“Look up! Jesus is coming soon! Wash your mind in His Word and in Spirit pray!”


Don’t be overwhelmed by the Beast’s dazzling image!

Resist when they want to place a small chip inside your head, on your brain;

With the desire to govern over you, even through your inmost intimate thought.

If you must choose instead to be homeless, eat garbage,

Or die; Do this rather than surrender your eternal soul for only, temporary gain.

Soon this rising evil specter will vanish in its preset limit of which we’ve been taught.

Brother, remove your mind’s eye from this evil visage!


“Focus on Jesus, live in the real world. Take a walk, plant a garden, and hear the birds sing!”


Remember your children; Satan desires to devour them all!

Don’t allow them to live their childhood locked inside fantasy behind virtual walls!

Do they know that dragons aren’t real? Or that a sword in reality hurts and draws blood?

Mom! Dad! Take them outside, teach them to run and play ball!

Give them a puppy, a kitten, to hold, and to tend beyond the world of digital halls!

They need empathy now to ensure that the future they govern won’t end in a cruelty flood!

Show and teach them; Nature’s God is watching over all!


“Wizards and their dragons will vanish in the instant of a solar flare or crash of electronic grid.”

                                                                     Nature’s God Remains.









15 thoughts on “In a World of Wizards and Dragons

    1. My seven-year-old grandson told me he thought “kittens weren’t real, that they were just photo-chopped” They love watching cat videos online. “I used to wish they were real, then we got Prince and I knew that kittens are real!” I talked to my other son about this and he said he has some of the same with his nine-year-old step-son. I think about how too much time online can warp my perceptions but a developing mind subjected to so much more of it than I am…that’s unnerving. I told my little grandson that the best way to know what’s real is to stop playing video games and go outside! We are part of nature and we need contact with nature to ground us.

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    1. It is born out of concern for my grandchildren and their friends. It’s hard enough to negotiate so much new technology as adults but their developing brains are being shaped by it. Their view of the world is very different from any previous generation. As I write this practical advice, I’m developing boundaries for myself that I hope my grandchildren will use too. Thank you for reading and commenting.:0)

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      1. Besides that, I eat pretty much anything I want and keep the weight off because feeding them is exercise. Lifting feed and buckets of water is my weight training and chasing after that stupid goat who gets its head stuck in a bucket is my cardio.

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      2. Yes, it’s a much healthier way of life than sitting inside with electronic devices. I had my eyes checked the other day and they asked me about cataracts in my family, to which I replied “This is NM everyone gets cataracts at some point.” She said, “That will be different for my generation because we never go outside.” I’ve been cooped up all winter and I can’t wait to go outside. I don’t understand choosing to be indoors constantly…an too many have no clue where food comes from or what it takes to produce it.


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