Isolation Splendor

Welcome! To my virtual bubble; This special place I’ve worked hard to create. It’s free from all pain and trouble! I sit, I scroll, I click, I sift, new reality I replicate! High-Definition-Photo-Shop-double, A slick profile, the Me I want to be; a duplicate. Perfection that hides all the stubble, Of the imperfect me, and … More Isolation Splendor

Sustaining Joy

Every day new worlds rise! And old worlds fall apart. I am told this is only, a matter of perception. What do you do when your world is taken all apart? Is good attitude, a positive thought of deflection, Able to override calamity? Or mend a tattered heart? Is faith only energy? Form of magic … More Sustaining Joy

Hey, Mr. Tecalote’!

Hey Mr. Tecalote’! (lock, load, click!) You are still just a buzzard circling under another name! You can hide behind your acronymic letters: BLM, EPA all day long… But still you are a vulture! Though you are now bigger in number you play the same old game! A scavenger that feeds on the carcasses of … More Hey, Mr. Tecalote’!


Originally posted on Mum C Writes: Times have turned upside down Although its legs race changeth not Funny How it used its shovel To turn the minds of beings like a reckless farmer tilling land Has bought dizziness for my visual chords II What do you say of this abomination? Where gyms take strength…


Father, touch me with your Spirit! Stir the stagnant waters of my soul; Lord, I pray, lift me so far above it! On Spirit’s wing, transcendent goal; Help me live beyond mortal limit! In this life and beyond Death’s toll; Here, now, in my eternal minute? Cleanse my lips with a burning coal! Let my … More Testify!


These words I tear from my flesh and bone, Then fashion to set afloat on digital streams; Can you feel them?

The Recluse (Part IV)

Part I: Part II: Part III: The sound of pouring rain and a crash of thunder startle Estelle from the depths of a familiar, re-occurring dream. Haunted and chilled to the bone, she wraps herself in a blue afghan she picks up from a bedroom chair and tries to peer through the window … More The Recluse (Part IV)

At the Heart of Joy

There’s no joy to be found in a side-step with Truth. If you want to destroy love, make sure to tell lies. To thwart peace, you must practice deceit. Hope dies in a self-centered thought. Death solves no problem in life. Death begets death. Life begets Life.   Happiness fleeting pursue as a temporary joy, … More At the Heart of Joy