At The Sound!

One ear is tuned to hear Heaven…

Another ear is tuned to the ground.

Living souls do hang in the balance!

Eternal Breath in mortality is wound.

Divinity’s spark as light in the mind!

Illuminate hope, wisdom profound!

Either to ignite or be extinguished…

Lost souls all fall! Carnal moribound!

Faith’s seed sprouts, grows…or dies…

Hearts to open or close to the sound,

Of Jesus Name! Who died but lives!

Calls dead, “Rise up from the ground!”

This is the design for all humankind.

Jesus seeks the lost and those found,

Escape second-death into eternal Life!

God’s Breath enlivens earthly bound;

Never be separate from Father again!

Hope for all who are lost to be found!

Breath taken back when worldly ears…

Refuse to hear Jesus! Fail to respond!

Will gnash in pain when Door closes!

Please today, hear! Be Heaven bound!

Two fates for soul hang in the balance!



12 thoughts on “At The Sound!

  1. This poem definitely sounds like the heartbeat of an evangelist. By one ear tuning to heaven and one to the ground, do you mean by ground referring to this side of eternity, in hearing out for the lost and being concerned for them while also following our heavenly father? If so, (not the best interpreter of poem) that is beautifully described.

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    1. You’re very good at interpreting poetry and poetry is meant to bring your own thoughts to the surface as much as to decipher my thoughts a feelings. I was referring to how God made us. We are of the earth but we have a Heavenly call. The theme is evangelical. All souls hang in the balance between life and death. Sometimes, salvation messages focus heavily on morality but salvation is a matter of life and death.


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