Simple Songs of Truth

Play for me! Strum on silvery strings!

Old golden hymns of ancient Truth…

Soul calming song, fly on Dove wings!

Remind me of all eternity’s worth!

Tell me of the miracle only Love brings!


Spirit’s joy, lifted by Heaven’s mirth!

Saintly song across the ages still rings…

Encircling all of history’s wide girth!

Jesus the Name a saint eternally sings…

Calling the lost home to a new birth!


Soft and low Jesus is calling; faith swings,

Life Door opens! Church of one Faith…

Ancient cloud of witness with us sings!

Healing words approving His Truth;

Faith transcends, Jesus in all age’s rings!


So strum and sing of Messiah’s birth!

Rock of Ages to you believer still clings…

Glory come down! A Pearl of worth!

Revive us again! Hope in praise springs!

Light the dark! Simple songs of Truth!



18 thoughts on “Simple Songs of Truth

      1. Wow praise God! To think that old hymns can speak so much truth…I wish more songs were like that today. God bless you Pam! I’ll be in and out of the internet this week in light of the Shepherd’s conference going on

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  1. Something I needed to read. Such a beautiful reminder of wisdom that God can show us. Came on line for a bit a roller coaster ride this week not quite over but nearly there.

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      1. Me too just walked slowly around the block with no cane for the first time determined to beat what ever foothold satan has put my way. I prayed all the way

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      2. :0)))))))))))))))) I’m so proud of you and so amazed at what God has done in your life and how He’s met your needs. It’s an experience that will change the way you view life forever.


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