Turn Back

I am an old fashioned girl, I guess.

Still a bit new to being an old lady;

I’ve lived long enough to see a few things.

I’ve learned a lot and I know what works,

And what doesn’t.


I remember many things that are now, forgotten.


I’m still quite taken with chivalry.

A man who offers me his coat when I’m cold,

Opens the car door for me.

He respected me enough to marry me,

Before I gave him a baby.


I still like that now discarded word, wholesome.


Values that stand the test of time;

Boundaries, manners, appropriate, even etiquette.

Masculine, feminine, equal but different.

Family formed to raise children,

“In the nurture and the admonition of the Lord”


“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation.”


A mother’s job is the most important.

Nurturing a stronger nation, shaping its leaders,

Reward more valuable than money:

Respect and families that stay together,

Bound by mother’s unconditional love.


“Wait in your room until your father comes home!”


The man who puts a roof over your head!

Food in your belly, clothes on your back; honor him!

Accept his strong discipline in healthy fear.

When you grow up be like him!

Work hard, take care of your family.


“Fashions come and go but the classics never go out of style.”


Yes, I’m old now and time softens the edges.

It wasn’t perfect back then, it wasn’t like Ozy and Harriet!

But everyone knew what was right and wrong.

In our high ideals there was consensus,

Truth was upheld, good wasn’t evil.


“When evil is exalted the innocent become prey.”


In this new century there is little desire for Truth.

Free morality held in by tight government regulations on everything else.

More government requires more taxes!

Working mothers can no longer rock the cradle.

Corrupt leaders rise; sociopaths, megalomaniacs!


God, they say is like me, old fashioned. They’ve removed the old landmarks.

Confusion is rampant and people are angry that America’s promise is gone.

While old ladies like me pray that America will turn back and bless God.








35 thoughts on “Turn Back

  1. May our hearts truly be turned to the next generation that they may have an opportunity to love and serve the LORD with their whole hearts, healthy bodies and sound minds.

    May we be willing to be the Joshua’s and Caleb’s in our generation to lead them into the promised places the LORD has prepared for them to conquer and subdue.

    The LORD be with you. Joy!

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      1. No, you don’t and we also, don’t see many long-lasting marriages and a whole generation of kids is growing up with no common form of family, no ideal to aspire to. I don’t have a perfect family because people can never be perfect. We can’t go back in time but we can refocus on Truth, reassess, and reply it personally, to our lives. We don’t have to blindly, follow the herd over the cliff. There’s still hope but it’s up to each of us to choose it. Your butterflies are blessed as I am blessed to be loved by an old fashioned gentleman.

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    1. Thank you, Jacqueline. It’s had a lot of reads with a disproportionate amount of ‘likes’. Not everyone wants to hear this and I know we can’t go back in time but my prayer is that young people would develop a hunger for the Truth, examine it, and apply it to their lives.


  2. Pam,
    After reading this, I realized though others will classify me as a “Millennial” because of my age, I think in reality I’m really old Fashion


    1. Well, there’s “Millennial” and “Millennialist” big difference. The values of the first group will crumble, the values of the second group are eternal and will be fully realized in our future. God bless you, Jim.

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    1. We do live in a time when evil is put in the place of good and that gained a foothold because of complacency. Now, we’re at a point where our outrage doesn’t matter to most. This is a good article but I think we’re more far gone than that. It is going to take more than moral outrage to pull it back. We can’t force our faith on others but we have to be willing to live it or die, ourselves.

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      1. You’re right, Pam – we have to be willing to live and perhaps die for our faith in Jesus Christ.

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