Spring Cleaning

Sometimes…life rushes by too fast to catch in a word.

Feeling sands shift thoughts, concepts of mind blurred…

So, I took my micro-view tight ideas outside for a walk!

Far from the cacophony of voices and opinionated talk;

Immersed myself, tried to wrap my mind around silence…

I heard myself think… I ventured onward by persistence:

Wind’s breath stirs dry branches limbered by rising sap,

Clapping to celebrate the end of winter’s cold long nap!

I wait for color to reclaim the grey dessert sage in blue;

Not wanting to go back I tarry long, gathering each hue;

Spring-cleaning of mind and reorganizing heart’s closet,

Letting go the old and making room for new life deposit.


35 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    1. Yes…on several levels of my life. I have a lot going on and I’m getting ready to try a new treatment…I hope…so, if I’m not online as much, you’ll know why. Thanks for all of your prayers and support Jim.

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      1. I will Jim and believe me, I feel those prayers. I’m feeling better with the prednisone and warmer weather and I’m hoping my doctor is going to work with the specialist back east to keep me on the right track to put this into remission. I also, believe God can heal me if that is part of His plan but I know I’ll have that healing in the future for sure. God bless and keep you and you are in my prayers too.

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      2. Thank you, Patrick. I need those prayers. I think my doctor may be balking. I have a hard time finding a doctor out here in Podunk willing to work with me…but I know God has a reason for the delays…


  1. Pam that was sooo beautiful. You have a gift most definitely of putting a hearts emotions into words. Praying for the Lords sufficiency in your illness that you may become more intimately acquainted with Him and how deep and wide His love is for you.:)

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    1. So glad to have put a smile on your face.:0) Spring cleaning is more my new year marker than the calendar’s new year in January. I am also, more of one to clean out and receive than resolve by the power of my own will. So…when your cleaning is done, I pray all that new space will be filled with blessings.:0)

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    1. Hi D. I think I tend to gather more than my share of cobwebs in winter. I do love the feeling of spring clean! Of course today in NM, we’re having a dirt blizzard so I will probably be doing some re-cleaning too! It’s a Dusty Moon…

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