Early Spring Wind

The spring wind roars over the ever-grey high desert that waits for just the right amount of warmth and moisture to bloom. By gale forces the desert floor is being swept clean to prepare for a new season of life. As long as there is snow on the mountain peaks there will be wind in the warmer valleys below. This old cycle highlights the relationship between the alpine mountains of Colorado and the high desert plateau of New Mexico. This is early spring in the divide between winter-time- grey and the new green that is beginning to fill the river valleys as life-giving snow-pack in the Rockies begins to melt. The rest of the desert remains subdued until the summer monsoon. All animal life of the Northwest Plateau depends on the strength of the Rocky Mountain winter and the snow-pack that fills the rivers and streams.

I am involved in an old romance with New Mexico sunny days beneath a rapidly changing vault of blue sky. I am still enchanted with rosy sun rises and peachy sunsets. I am blessed to watch the Bald Eagle soar over the river, hear the Night-Hawks speak, and be entertained by the bickering drama of the Magpie. As I write, the deer who allow me to share their ancient home-land are just outside my window nibbling on the newly sprouted lilies they believe I planted as tribute to them. They huddle close to the house seeking shelter from the wind, knowing there’s no one here who will harm them. This is home.

I love the Cedar and sage covered hills, the Elm and Cottonwood filled valleys. The ever-changing landscape that undulates from masculine, rugged mesas and cliffs to soft, round mountains and hills that still excite my artistic eye. The utter silence of the desert is the most beautiful sound in the world. Alone in those silent places, it is impossible not to hear God speak. Left with no place to run or hide from self, in the desert one must make peace. This is my Father’s world and in it I’ve been given a place.

Here I am Lord at the foot of your mountains, the source of life giving waters. Here you have hidden me, in the cleft of the Rock, in the midst of a dry thirsty land. Make me ever mindful of your blessings. Help me trust you more, even as the gritty wind roars. As you prepare the desert, prepare my heart for a new season of life.

14 thoughts on “Early Spring Wind

  1. Again, you have made me miss the Southwest – its landscapes, flora, history, archaeology, not to mention food.
    But you bring in eternal relevance in the last two paragraphs.
    This is great writing. I languish in the Godless Northeast. Snow was dumped all over the blooming spring flowers yesterday and it is in the 20’s as I sit here, the insomniac blogger.


      1. Tell me about it. I love posole.
        When I lived in Globe, AZ I remember being ill with the flu for a week or more. When it was over I went out for red Chile (the REAL kind, S.W. style) and had two bowls in two different restaurants. About an hour later I felt high as a kite from the endorphins. Ever had Mexican Mole sauce? That has a similar effect on me. Good night (morning?) Pam. I’m going to try for an hour or two of rest, God willing.

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      1. Yes, I live in a Meth hub where what isn’t manufactured here is brought up from Mexico and then distributed throughout the region. It’s been bad for awhile but NM’s energy economy has been crushed in the last decade and all that’s left is Meth. We have big city crime and cartels in rural NM. It’s a plague.

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      2. I had no idea. I know the problems coming from south of the borderline and the drugs, but I didn’t know it was affecting a lovely state that badly. So sorry to here this. I hope better days are coming for New Mexico and its residents.

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      3. I do too. I wish people would just stop using the stuff and starve them out of business. The big problem now is that NM is like a big open gate for the war raging on that border to enter into the rest of the country. The U.S. can’t remain as the top consumer of the cartel’s wares and not suffer at some point, the same kind of consequences as in Mexico and South America. I thought you lived in CA. I must be mistaken?

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      4. Visited LA once as a child actor. No, I am a New Yorker. Watched 9/11 from my office window. Sick of the crime here too. I expect to leave NYC in 2017 or 2018. The youth here are slashing people’s faces for FUN. Dozens of incidents since January. I had enough.

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      5. My son was living back east and was supposed to be at a meeting across the street from the towers but had an emergency at work and stayed in Philly. It changed him though. I hope you find a safe, happy place. Two neighbors about my age were killed for drug money this year. One was beaten and tortured before they killed him.Drugs turn human beings into monsters.

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