What can be done about THEM? You know who I mean, those people over there who are so different from us and are messing up everything. If we can just control them somehow, or get rid of them, then things will be so much better. They don’t think right, dress right, or act right. Something has to be done about THEM!

It’s true the world is in great turmoil. Corruption abounds in a culture where evil is embraced as good and people are afraid to say anything contrary to the practice. Money rules and the recent bombshell called the Panama Papers bring home how corrupt that rule is at this present time. The world is very tolerant of evil morality and practice but highly intolerant toward human beings. The cruelty of the Narco culture seems to be permeating everything along with their mass amounts of money that fuel the world economy and line the pockets of powerful leaders. People are afraid and their fear causes them to identify with the aggressor in hopes of achieving personal safety and gaining control over others they perceive as a threat. Tribes are forming and battle lines being drawn in preparation to find a solution to THEM by many diverse groups of people. Increasingly, those solutions are violent.

The fear of OTHER and the tolerance of evil is tearing us apart and we seem to be utterly, confused as to how to stop evil without destroying each other. The stand we have to make is within. Giving into the pressure of political correctness can’t completely silence our conscience. Basic right and wrong doesn’t change and each of us must listen to that inner voice and change our personal actions. THEM is US and none of us is free from sin. None of us can control the evil in another but all of us can do something about our own evil. Ending any confusion about what is good and evil is as easy as reading the Ten Commandments. Let me assure you, they have stood the test of time and their validity isn’t likely to vanish in a generation. The generation that ignores them is certain to vanish but their truth will remain.

Old habits are hard to change but bad habits are changeable. To find remedy from sin requires that one see themselves as a sinner. God’s Law is the mirror that reveals every human being as a sinner. None of us measure up. We all break at least, one of those Laws on a regular basis; most of us break more than one. Only, Jesus lived by those Laws perfectly because God’s Law is spiritual and fallen human beings aren’t spiritual. Without Jesus we have no hope and the purpose of the Law is to show us our need for Jesus. Without Him, we stand condemned as dead to God and doomed to die a second time after final judgment. Jesus is the only one who can save us from the penalty of our sin and faith in Him is the only way to receive the Holy Spirit’s help in learning to uphold God’s Law from a heart that’s been changed.

The one thing I know for sure about THEM is that Jesus loves THEM, just as He loves me. Because He loves me so much that He was willing to die for me and save me from the second death, I am also required to love THEM. That doesn’t mean that I must go out and develop a deep, emotional bond with all people but I am to strive to treat others as I want to be treated. Everyone is part of the human family, a sinner in need of God’s grace, just like me. My love may not change anyone I encounter, or be the impetus that leads them to faith in Christ, but learning to love THEM is sure to change me. This is my only true avenue of exacting positive change in the world.

I know many people are burdened with worry and fear as to the condition of society today. Those concerns are well founded. The problems are complex but the answer is simple and power lies in the hands of the people. We can turn things around by choosing to do what we know inside is right. It won’t be easy but we have a powerful ally in Jesus. “If God is for us who can stand against us?” We have to begin by ceasing to stand against God out of fear of peer pressure. We have to cease from standing against ourselves by refusing to hear our conscience. We have to cease to deny our need for Jesus as the remedy for our personal sins.

Please, consider Jesus. Don’t deny true love and the power to become the man or woman God intends for you to be. Let’s not waste our time trying to straighten out THEM when the enemy we can do something about is within.



17 thoughts on “THEM

  1. You have nailed it, my friend. Even though THEY are involved in so much corruption, evil, sin – God loves them too. We can’t forget that. Even the ISIS terrorists are God’s creation and He wants them to return to Him. It’s the only way all of US can survive!

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  2. “Almighty, everlasting God, through your only Son, our blessed Lord, you commanded us to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, and to pray for those who persecute us. Therefore, we earnestly implore you that by your gracious working our enemies may be led to true repentance, may have the same love toward us as we have toward them, and may be of one accord and of one mind and heart with us and with your whole Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (LSB, p 306) Wouldn’t it be great if some Sunday that prayer was spoken in every church service in the United States? J.

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  3. We are not immune here either, I wish so much that other can come to God as well. Leaving all evil behind. Such an heart felt love of Jesus you have written.

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    1. We so badly, need to love each other. My grandmother’s response to racism was “If I’m going to pick a race to hate then I’ll hate the human race.” because we are all the same underneath. Anytime we pick a group of human beings to hate, we are hating our reflection in them. It’s good to hate sin but there is nothing good in hating another. These days, it’s popular to hate even Jesus. What a sad state we are in.


      1. Your grandmother is so right. There are some horrible stories here of racism. My Dad always said the old saying “treat otheres how you would like to be treated”, he grew up among the Aboriginals daily. In the 60 and 70’s when the first Vietnam refugues arrived Australia changed we grew up.

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      2. Viet Nam changed everything in the U.S. A lot happened in those years concerning race relations too. For a time, it seemed we were moving past all of that but now, it seems worse than ever. I think we are reverting to tribes…

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      3. Sorry forgot to add there are so many refugues now, i jave come to the attitude we all bleed the same so we care for the the same as we did the firsr as we call them the £10 p p ms that came out here.

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      4. We never know when we will become refugees…the way the government has crushed the economy in my state is not much different from how NAFTA crushed the agricultural economy in Mexico in the nineties that triggered ‘illegal immigrants’ that I’ve always thought of as being economic refugees. New Mexicans are leaving in droves now to other states. I see the ‘illegals’ as me but the Narcos and the government co-abuse the people. Meth is the main economy now. The Muslim refugees is another story…we have a bomb factory here that is still going strong despite the broken energy economy. To our leaders, it makes more sense to bomb the heck out of people over there for oil than to be self-sufficient. I wish I could take them away from D.C., leave them alone in the wilderness to find out where food comes from and see if they could grow some common sense and compassion. Either way it seems the barbarians are coming (we created them all) and things don’t look good for western civilization…


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