To My Word Press Angels

I’ve been going through a tough time in my life and one of the reasons I started this blog was to remind myself of joy because at that time, I felt very unhappy. It worked. I did retrieve my joy in Jesus but not in the way I expected. I didn’t expect to be ministered to by angels here on Word Press but dear, loving angels are exactly what God has given me. All my angels have common sounding names: Jim, Maria, Wally, BJS, Patrick, Jacqueline, G.W., D. Wallace Peach, Miguel, amoafowaa of Mum C Writes, Lonely Arthur, Pauline, JacobEmet, Kathy, Robert and many others who pray for me and encourage me through this painful time in my life. I have angels from all over the world who have shown me they care. I know Jesus lives because I see Him living in you.

I’ve spent most of my Christian life as a Baptist but God doesn’t care about that and often speaks to me in my dreams, anyway. As some of you know, I’m going to visit Mayo Clinic soon and there in those expert hands I hope to find the right treatment to put my weird disease back into remission. Last night God sent me a very special, very vivid dream. I opened my eyes and all of my Word Press angels were there to see how I was doing and to give me a hug before I go to Mayo. I know I dreamed this because of all the prayers being said for me by all of you. It was a very sweet, very encouraging dream and I’m sharing it because even though, I will probably never get to give any of you a real hug, I love you all. Thank you. Your kindness has helped me survive some very cold, painful days. I am blessed to have such dear angels. You mean the world to me.

45 thoughts on “To My Word Press Angels

  1. What a beautiful, sweet post, Pam. Angels appear sometimes in the most unexpected places, don’t they? It’s strange that this virtual community can embrace us so profoundly. It’s a real as anything else in the tangible world and gives me hope. I’ll be sending you much light and love on your journey to and through the Mayo clinic. Hugs to you. ❤ ❤

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  2. Ahhh, thank you Pam for thinking of all of us while going thru so much pain! Big virtual HUG for you and know that the prayers of intercession for your healing will continue going up to our Lord and Savior, who knows intimately what you are going through!

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  3. How are you! I wish you all the best in your journey. The Mayo clinic is here as well. Only in Sydney though. Jesus will support us all in our journey. Please take care I class you as my friend

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  4. God is always near, especially during these terrifying times. May you always be comforted by his presence. I have been blessed by your writing! Praying for you and the doctors caring for you.

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  5. You are going to the right place. Mayo is a great hospital with wonderful docs. I will continue to pray for you as you take this next step in your journey. May God be with you all the way. When you put your trust in Him, there’s no end to His mercy. I too have been blessed by so many blogging angels in my time doing this. It’s a great community of folks of the same mind who know little about us other than our beliefs. I know that your faith will see you through. God bless you.

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  6. Such a sweet, sweet post my dearest Pam. The Angels visit is to assure you and God will be with you every step of the way in this journey. I pray that Mayo clinic finds a cure for this ailment to turn things around. I will lift you up in my prayers tonight as I turn into bed. Be blessed and well. I love you 🙂

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  7. Pam, that was sweet beyond measure. I consider it an honor and a blessing if I have encouraged you in even a tiny little way. More and more prayers as you get ready to take this big step.

    Thank you, you made my night.

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  8. You are a blessing and a delight, Pam. I count it a joy to have met you and to have become acquainted. You’ve encouraged and have uplifted my so many times, filling me with inspiration and a willingness to continue, that what I’m doing really matters. Likewise, you matter. Your work matters. You have a great purpose, the fullness of such you will never know until the hereafter.
    My blessing and hug goes out to you, where you are and as you are. Thank you for your meaningful friendship.

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  9. Well Pam, you don’t stop, nothing slows down your good will, does it? Not even some humongous thorn crippling misfortune. I know a dude down below, in flames is burnt up because of you. Always generous with kindness and mentions, is ya. Oh well, what’s a fella to do, can’t hide that’s fo sho. I’ll just ignoe dat dere complimet. (shush, will be prayin fo ya), thanks.

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  10. I just now saw this which made feel bad as I was still in the aura of the “Blogger Appreciation Award” that you presented me, which I posted yesterday.
    You had replied to me on that. I am receiving overwhelming response from allover the world.
    You talk of we being Angels, yes we shall come along with Jesus there to see that you are back in GOOOOOOD Health.
    I pray you shall get strength.
    Shun that feeling that you are not well. You are total Bliss my Dear Pam!
    Love to YOU,

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  11. I’ve been away from WordPress, but happened upon this post. You do have angels. We all do, just that some don’t recognize them or understand the blessings. Prayers gone up for you. I know I’m heard by the heavens. Expect good things.

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