Twenty-Five Minutes

A lovely little stroll on the edge of consciousness…

Fading out and then fading in…

Gathering memories from dreams of Yester-lore…

Reality blocked seeps back in…

Blend time outside of time, a bit of Heaven’s rest…

Slip away preparing to slip in…

Twenty-five minutes of Paradise others call a nap!


16 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Minutes

  1. My cardio doctor is from Colombia. He says he calls it “Siesta” and prescribes one a day to me. It’s one prescription I rarely forget to take. 🙂


    1. I have to admit I love my naps these days. The big problem with being shut-in so much is my brain doesn’t know what time it is and I get my days and nights turned around. Sometimes, I have intermittent siestas 24 hours per day.

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  2. Ha Ha Ha
    This is fantastic, I had a big laugh as I read the last line.
    Every afternoon I have these twenty five minutes of Nap, hope that shall be so as you said.
    Please do send some blessings for that.
    Request Jesus to shower on me that.

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    1. Father, shower Shiva with your kindness, your mercy, and all the blessings available to all through Jesus. Surround Shiva with your eternal presence and draw him very close to You. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen! Have a wonderful day (or evening?) and may all of your naps be sublime! :0)

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    1. Naps are nice whenever we can get them but if mine is too long, I wake up blue. I don’t understand that mechanism. I’m also somewhat, like a cat. I struggle with insomnia at night but lay me down in a sunny window and I’m out like a light!

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